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It's been a few bad months health wise for me. It's been a bit of a roller coaster with kids and stress levels. I had a lot of nausea and food aversions, generally felt like I was still pregnant a lot with sore breasts, bad cramps. PMS-PMDD like symptoms. I went on Lexapro last year and that changed a lot! In the past few months everything came to a head again. I went to my OB and he did some blood work and a pelvic US, all is well there, sugar, thyroid, insulin. He said it maybe my gallbladder and sent me to a surgeon who then said it is probably colon/diet related but did an ultra sound anyway. He was SUPER nice and said my reg PCP was great at dealing with gastro issues. She was great! She ordered some blood tests. My BP was a little high and so were my LDL's. We made a f/u appt. To discuss it. Well, in the mean time, I felt really, really horrible. I had bad chest pains for days and I was scared. I called and they had me come in right away to see the nurse practitioner because the doc was off. She was really great. The did an EKG and it was just a little off but nothing major. She said it was most likely anxiety but she sent me to the ER at the heart hospital to be checked out just to be sure. I was fine. She prescribed Welbutrin and I'm much, much better. I had a f/u appt today. I thought I was going to see my fabulous doctor but I ended up with the nurse again!

Over the past weeks I had a lot to thing about. thing came to a head when we had a preschool field trip to an organic dairy/farm. I was kinda flilpping out still with anxiety but I was sane enough to know that even though they take really great care of their cows that I really didn't like the whole thing. The idea of using these living creatures this was repulsed me. I decided to go vegan. I'm generally not a big meat eater and milk products make me feel flemmy. But, my diet really sucked. So, I decided to declare myself vegan and go as raw as I can. I'm finding that the whole raw nut issue is a little weird so that is where I won't be totally raw but I'll be eating steam treated nuts. I can live with that. It's still whole foods and lot's of fruits and veggies. I did raw a few years ago but we were living overseas and it became difficult. I'm really excited about the whole thing and in my heart, I know it's the right thing to do. I feel more aligned with my spirit and my body and I feel good that I'm taking responsiblity for my diet and my health.

I was excited to go to the doc today and talk about it and how we may be able to monitor my bp and cholesterol and iron etc.. to make sure I am staying healthy.

What was I thinking???? The nurse was like "what? no meat? How about fish?" Um, isn't fish meat? "how about cheese and eggs." Um, dairy products? What about "I no longer want to eat animal products" did you not understand?

I came away feeling defeated. I guess in a way it's a good thing. At least I know I don't want to deal with that person again. I was kind of appauled by the fact she gave me the option to start cholesterol meds right off the bat if I didn't want to change my diet. She actually said for exercise "you can walk in place in front of the TV." What does she think? I sit around and watch tv all day with two kids under 5? Do I look 65 years old?

There is a time and a place for main stream medicine and I'm happy to have my meds. VERY happy. But, my numbers are a little high, not in the red zone. She said last time they are probably high because of stress and the welbutrin won't take full effect for 4 weeks but gee, lets start more meds now?

I can't believe she really thinks I could possible suffer from a lack of protien! I mean, so many people eat nothing but processed crap all the time, I was one of them. That can't possibly be better then going vegan just because some silly label says it has protien in it even though your body probably won't even get half of the nutrients in the end!

Anyone want to share my watermelon spinach smoothie?


Thanks for the vent!
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