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Maya users, My sling is doing something strange........ any advice would be welcome

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I have a question, something strange is going on with my sling and I can't quite figure it out. I will try to explain it.

I used my sling almost nonstop with my first daughter as she was very high needs. Now I am using it with my new 9 week old daughter and it isn't comfortable.

It seems to me like the edges of it (the front and back top edges of the pouch ) are getting stretched out, while the middle of the fabric (the part that holds my baby) has not stretched.

When I put it on my daughter sits nice and snugly in the pouch with the fabric holding well around her body. But the top of the pouch, both on the front and back panel, is really loose. I tighten the ends in at the ring but I can never get it tight enough without making the fabric in the middle too tight.

The place where this poses a problem is on my shoulder. My shoulder cap flap is really loose and does not get tight enough to be functional. I tighten and tighten the back panel but I can't get it tight enough.

The fabric on the inside of the shoulder close to my neck is really tight because the body of the sling which hugs around Irini is way too tight. It hurts.

Can you visualize what is going on here? I have rethreaded it several times to no avail and am in a conundrum with it right now. It is as if it has stretched out unevenly.

What do you think is the problem here? What should I try to fix it?

I never had this problem with my older daughter for all the time I used her in it.

Thanks for reading this and helping to troubleshoot.


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Have you tried washing it? That can often help stretched-out fibers spring back into shape. Be sure to wash on cold and line dry as the fabric can bleed.
I agree with the previous poster!
Just my little 2 cents :LOL
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No, I don't think that's it.

Is the shoulder flap edge on the bottom of the sling all the way around until it comes up against you to form the inner rail? In the tail, are the edges of the fabric at the outside edges of the tail? The edge of the tail closest to your chest should tighten the outer edge of the sling. The outer edge of the tail should tighten the inner rail.

When you put your sling on, before putting the baby in, try this (once you're sure it's threaded correctly):
1. Make sure it's comfortably situated on your shoulder, with the shoulder cap flap open and that edge on bottom across your back. make sure it's not up on your neck.
1. Create the pouch, pulling ALL the slack in the sling around to the front as you bring the bottom edge up against your body. If the bottom edge is loose on your back when you put the baby in, it will be really hard to get the slack around to the other side of the baby.
2. Use your elbow on the side opposite the rings (probably your left) to kind of hold the fabric in place so it doesn't get loose again across the back. The video does a great job of showing this.
3. When you put the baby in, get all the slack around to the side where the rings are. The fabric around the baby is not going to move when you tighten, so if you have slack on the other side of the baby, it's not going anywhere. Make sure you are supporting the baby's weight when you tighten.
4. Once the baby is in, you should be able to tighten just the outer rail by pulling the inner edge of the tail and vice/versa.

LMK if that helps at all.

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Thanks for the replies, and Kristy, thanks for the detailed advice. So yes, my sling is threaded correctly. The advice about getting the slack to the side is helpful.

I haven't washed it in a while so will do that anyway. Maybe it will help.

I also have started different carrying positions. I have just had her cradled in there but now she is bigger and can sit up better. In that position the fabric is perfect. We even nursed for the first time in the Maya today. That is something I never was able to do in the year and a half I regularly wore my older daughter.

It has been an amazing sling day and thanks for helping make it so.

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