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Maya Wrap or Hotsling?

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Trying to decide what to get for a newborn (due in 13 days!) and don't know which would work better. I had a Nojo with DS and didn't ever get the hang of it. I think it was too big because the padding came up into the rings. For that reason, I thought I would like the maya because there is no padding. The hotsling looks more user friendly because there are no rings to bother with. Help! I need to order this weekend so it will get here.
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I would recommend the hotsling for just the fact of user-friendliness. It takes little to no practice.

The maya wrap is a bit more versatile, but I think risk of giving up on it is higher than with a pouch.
Definitely Hotsling!

Stretch, padded, (reversible if you like) Hotsling.
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I was having trouble deciding, too, and everyone told me to get a hotsling. I'm ordering mine this weekend. Have you looked at the hotsling site? They look great and really easy to use!

Hotsling - mostly because I am not the biggest fan of ring-slings
My favorite for newborns though is a stretchy wrap ( is my favorite)
The padding is not really a huge deal with the Hotsling and is not at all like the Nojo. You can wear the padded part to the outside until you start using the hip carry. I would say the Hotsling over the Maya, it is very user friendly.
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Another vote for a Hotsling!
DS practically lived in it for the first few months.

I bought both a Maya Wrap and a Hotsling before DS was born. The Maya never worked out for me but the Hotsling was a lifesaver! I thought I just didn't like ring slings until I bought my Wise Woman sling - nope, I love my Wise Woman too, it was just the Maya that I had problems with.
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One more vote for a Hotsling!
Definitely get a padded one!
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People do love their hotslings....but for most versatility with a tiny one and nursing in public....I vote Mamababy!

Also made by Mayawrap. It is stretchy material and IMO the shoulder is easier to work with.
I've never used a hotsling but I absolutely love my maya wrap for its versatility and my babies do too. i can carry my 3 year old or my 8 week old!
I would go for a Hotsling -- I had big problems with the Maya because I just cannot seem to figure out a ring sling :)
ring sling definitely has a learning curve...newborns aren't usually willing to be all that patient while you learn....hotsling
Another vote for hotsling with padded rail (stretch cotton). I've used mine daily for the past 6 months. It is so easy to use and comfortable.
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I guess I'm in the minority, but I vote for a ring sling! I have a 6 week old and we've used our ring slings way more than the hotslings. I find the ring slings easier to get baby in and out. My baby also does not like the cradle hold and I find the ring sling more secure for the t2t hold with a small baby. I've also been able to nurse in the ring sling quite easily but wasn't able to with the hotslings. I don't want to sound like I'm bashing hotslings, because I have two and really like them however i think I will use them more when my baby can do the kangaroo carry and hip carry.

Originally Posted by crystallynn
I would recommend the hotsling for just the fact of user-friendliness. It takes little to no practice.

The maya wrap is a bit more versatile, but I think risk of giving up on it is higher than with a pouch.
Ditto this. I like the Maya fabric but the hotsling is defintely the most user friendly.
I had a maya, and had never even heard of a hotsling. Now looking up the website, the hotsling does look a lot more user friendly--if I had to choose now I'd probably pick a hotsling.
I've got one caveat with a Hotsling is that you've got to be sure it fits right. My first Hotsling was too big, and once I put dd in the kangaroo carry (7 wks) it killed my back! The maya wrap (or any ring sling) has the adjustability factor...BUT, now that I know my size, I use my Hotsling every day, even if it's just to go for the mail. Very poppable (easy in and out). And the fleece ones for the winter are yummy!
Personally I find the maya wrap material too slippery for a good hip carry...could be just me. FWIW even though I rarely use the maya wrap any more, I definitely feel like I got my money's worth from it; I put dd in the kangaroo carry in it EVERY single day from about 8 weeks to 4.5 months.
I use both for different purposes, but if I had to pick one, I would definitely pick my hotsling.
Hotsling! I own both and vote for the Hotsling hands-down.
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