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Mayan massage? PCOS?

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Saw the gynecologist today. There is a possibility of when the dr sewed me back up after the cesarean birth he got part of the endomentrial lining.
Either that or there is A LOT of scar tissue because things tended to move when they shouldn't and it was tender all along my scar as she palapated.
Soooo, I've heard of mayan massage. (Is that spelled right?) Would the massage help this? Is there anything else I can do? All along my scar is still tender 3 hours later.

Also, we discovered I have 4 or 5 follicles in each ovary which is a sign of PCOS. But according to my charts, I still O every month. (O has been around cd 22-25 for 9 years until I started having problems 9 months ago. Now it's 16 to 18 days.) If I have problems, my temp spikes (like a pg) around 6 or 7 days after O. I get really sick too when this happens. I always get a pain around the same ovary when that happens. So we suspected ovarian cyst.... but not multiple follicles. So does anyone have any insight into what's going on with my body?
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My daughter was just diagnosed with PCOS, you really need to have the full panel of blood tests done to diagnose that, it isn't diagnosed just by looking for cysts. I forget which doctor that writes about PCOS talks about that, but he says PCOS is a syndrome, a cluster of symptoms, not just one thing. She had her thyroid, testerone, and a bunch of other tests( I really should know, but can't remember right now done.

So I can't answer your questions, but I would definitely want some blood work done before getting the diagnosis of PCOS.
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