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Maybe I am allergy paranoid, maybe not, I don't know anymore.

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When I started introing foods I was always super obserservant of reactions and I kept an accurate food diary. Then I met a bunch of friends who were much more relaxed about the whole thing and my son was getting older so I relaxed. When he turned a year I stopped keeping track of everything.
He just started being really into food. He eats a morning and and evening puree, and fingerfoods throughout the day. He still nuses a lot.

Well, now he's 14 mo old and he has had a rash around his mouth for a month. The rash around is mouth consists of colorless bumps, and scaley patches that are slightly pinker than his surrounding skin. This morning I noticed little colorless bumps on his legs and arms.

So I don't know where to start. Do I eliminate all food and seperate his clothing when I wash it? Do I start with just eliminating certain foods? Do I just let this slide and not worry about it as a possible allergy and treat it topically? If I do eliminate foods do I also treat the thing topically?

I just need direction. Any advice appreciated.
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I would start w/ the top 8 most common, start w/ milk and go down the list: milk, egg, soy, peanut, tree nut, wheat, fish and shellfish. He should not have had nuts or fish under 2 anyway, but if you've been feeding him them, stop for now. Cut out the milk, eggs, and soy for 2 weeks and see what that does. If he clears up, try them one at a time. If not, cut out wheat as well. If he clears after that, trial each 1 at a time. Feed him a little, just a few bites, the first day, if no reaction, then feed him a bunch for 2 days and then a normla amount after that. If no reaction after a week, then add the next one.
If you are nursing, you should probably cut them from your diet as well. HTH!
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