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MD/DC/No VA gathering?

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Anyone interested in having a get-together in Montgomery County (fairly centrally located...) We are thinking maybe a potluck-type lunch?

Reply to this or PM me if you're interested.
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I'm up for it!

Maybe we should expand this to cover people in the DC area and further out in MD?
Yep, I'm interested. Potluck sounds good.
Depends on the day/time, but it sounds like fun!
Count me in! I'm in Bethesda.
I might be interested if it near by. Where are you thinking of meeting?
Still working on the location... any ideas? I think it would be fun to do it in July sometime.
how about a saturday potluck in a park? maybe wheaton regional or sligo or something?
Wheaton regional - is that where the carousel and adventure playground and train are? I'd be up for that! Weekday or weekends are fine with me.
I'd be up for a picnic! I can do any day Fridays through Mondays.
i'd be interested, depending on day/time of course.

what about Glen Echo Park?
Depending on date of course. I'm in Silver Spring, so anywhere neaby is fine!
As for date/time, I'm open except I have to go down to tennessee (date unknown) and if I'm gone, obviously I can't come.
new member here, would love to join a get-together if it's still happening/hasn't happened yet!. I'm also in Silver Spring but could travel...
what about having a picnic potluck later on in august?

how many other mamas can only do weekdays? how many (like me) can only do weekends?
(Move along to next post - my finger slipped)
I'll go! Food!!! Anyway, I would LOVE to go! I know Wheaton Regional has picnic tables where we could meet, or another park. I'd offer my Mom's house (where I live) but we have 2 large ponds and I would worry that someone might fall in...

A Saturday afternoon would be nice.
There is a MD/DC/NoVa Cloth Diaper Party in the works - Go to the diapering forum to check it out!
Hi all, I'm interested in getting local D.C. Metro Area babywearers together. I've set up a yahoo group (bundlebabies) and the first gathering is going to be at the end of August at Rockville, MD's Cabin John Park. Hope to see you guys there!
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New Babywearing group in DC, MD and VA is at

Hope to see you there!

Aneliese =D
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