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This is an email that I sent out to advertisers. I'm placing it here for anyone who did not receive it or is not on our WAHM advertising email list.

Greetings MDC WAHMs!

As we move into our new advertising setup and new rates that will come into effect very soon I want to offer you an opportunity to place an ad now to lock in the old rates.

All WAHM advertisers who place advertisement now through November will be able to lock in the current rates through September 2006. Banners are now sold on an impression basis rather than a monthly basis. You'll find the rates and payment info at the end of this email.

We are also changing to a bi-weekly placement of ads rather than a placement upon payment, so any ads purchased during the month will be placed on either the 1st of the month or the 15th of the month, based on date of payment received. If you would like to place an ad soon and want it to run prior to November 15th please make your payment today or tomorrow, October 29th or 30th which will also lock in the current rate for you through September next year. All ads purchased today and tomorrow will go up November 1st unless you specify otherwise.

I will be moving out of advertising sales and will send you another email explaining the new setup and who you should contact for your future advertising. But I will still be your ad manager for receipt of materials and placement of your ads.

Best wishes to you all and do let me know if you have any questions.

~Cynthia Mosher
Administrator, Webmaster

Top Banner:

• 100,000 impressions: $50.00
• 300,000 impressions: $140.00
• 600,000 impressions: $250.00

Bottom Banner:

• 100,000 impressions: $25.00
• 300,000 impressions: $65.00
• 600,000 impressions: $120.00

Top and Bottom Banner Package (maximum exposure):

• 200,000 impressions: $65.00
• 300,000 impressions: $180.00
• 600,000 impressions: $350.00

Step 2 - Payment Procedure
Paypal to:
[email protected]

Banner Requirements:

• 468 x 60 pixels
• gif animation is acceptable
• non-transparent only
• file size: 21k or less - banners of a larger size may be placed but must be hosted by you.

Cynthia Mosher
Webmaster, Administrator

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Cynthia, do you know if a decision was ever made regarding WAHM advertising in the print edition of Mothering? There was some talk about remnant ad space being offered at discounted prices.

I had emailed Bridget about this (like you had suggested), but never heard back from her.

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