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A little rave for an MDC mama!

Like many other people here, I'm always happy to learn about new wool products and WAHM's. I didn't realize it until recently, but our very own MDC mama Melaniee has been quietly offering soakers and wool pants on ebay (New Zealand brand) that she has hand-dyed herself, with Kool-Aid.

I won these wool pants (NZ "ski pants") for Noah:

And this newborn soaker for a friend's baby shower:

And they arrived today and they are just lovely-- gorgeous dye jobs, Melaniee, on both of them. Gotta love that nice Kool Aid smell, too. In addition, she combined shipping and shipped very fast and was just super nice in the transactions.

I also was impressed by the quality of the wool products, sold widely as undyed and unlanolized. The leg openings on the NB soaker (so cute and tiny) stretch nicely, the waist is gently elasticized. The wool pants have a generous cut and leg cuffs for warmth, and are a nice weight. Both products are very, very soft. I think the sizing on the pants (these are 2T roughly) runs quite true to size-- Noah is quite skinny, but has really long legs, and I'm pretty sure that the pants will fit him perfectly in the legs (if I want room to grow, I think I'd need a size 3). These would fit a chunky toddler very well, and have plenty of room for a bulky dipe underneath.

Just wanted to say great job Melaniee, and I hope that your wool venture goes very well!

And check out her website at

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