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MDC Running CLUB~June 28th

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Ha, I got to start this wk's thread!!!

My program for this wk: (my wk is Sunday to Saturday) Run:
Sunday: 3k fast run (tempo run)
Monday: 5k Steady Run
Tuesday: 7K long/slow run
Wednesday:5k Steady Run
Thursday: 5K Steady run
Friday: off
Saturday: off
Monday:5ks easy pace
Tuesday:3ks faster pace
Wednesday:10ks easy pace
Thursday: 10ks easy pace
Friday: 5ks faster pace after work
Saturday:5ks hard pace
For sure will be biking to work (16ks return)x3
S/Ups: 750
P/Ups: 150

Phew...looks exausting! Gotta love it!

I'm back!

Already did my Sunday 3k, which as I said in the previous thread, was really tough on my lungs...I'm suffering allergies/cold thing may be why?
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Wow Nat that does look like a lot, amazing amazon woman you!

Monday - 5 mile loop, nice and easy (I'm still fighting that cold and it feels like a resurgence today
Tuesday - 3.3 mile
Wednesday - 5 mile loop
Thursday - off
Friday - 30 min with dh (nice and easy)
Saturday - speed training - mile warmup, 6 150's, 4 quarter mile repeats, 6 150's, mile warm down (probably about 3 1/2 miles total)
Sunday - long run, at least 8, may try for more. I want to wait and see how I feel after the speed workout.

I think allergies and cold are horrible to lungs...mine have been giving me alot of grief with the recent cold.
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mamabeth -- i'm in austin, tx. not as humid as atlanta, but darn near close. plus, it's been raining, raining, raining here. you can see the steam rising off the road.

just got in from my run. decided to see just how far i could go (run, that is) w/o having to walk. the route is 2.3 miles. walked/2min, ran/10min
, walked/2min, ran/5min, walked/2min, ran/5min, walked/3min.

for me, that's super great! tomorrow i don't run, but we'll see if i can keep it up wed, thurs, and fri.

dd just woke up (i run before dh goes to work). she said, "you're all sweaty and yucky, mommy. went on a run?" then she patted my shoulder and said, "you did a great job."
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sun - nada
mon-long run (5 miles)
tues-short run (2.5 miles)
wed-long run (5 miles)
thurs-off (business trip)
fri-off (business trip)
sat- 2.5 miles + some extra family activity
Hi, I am glad to meet you all, fellow runners and mommies! I am going out the door today for six miles, which, if I actually pull it off, will be the longest I've run in the last three years! My sister and I are training for our second marathon this October; the first one was 2001 and it seems a LOT harder this time around! ( I am fatter and older, blech!)
: Good running to all!
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Its official - I am a MANIAC!! DH forgot to take the stroller out of the trunk, so I put DD (2 yo) in the old Snugli we had and walked for 30 mins. I think I get bonus points for that one!! I actually tried to run a little, but that wasn't happening!! I'm just glad DD is skinny!!!! LOL

Aprildawn- I am in Austin too!! ANd lately, it HAS been as humid as Atlanta!

Thanks for being my inspiration!!

BTW- This is 5 days in a row that I have exercised!! I am going to keep with mostly walking until I am able to run 2 mins, then I will start the San Bernadino program.

OT- I am really tired of being fat, I think I am going to stop.
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thistle you are a maniac. just be sure to take it slow enough you can keep up the pace w/out getting hurt. snuggli---ummm...I'd put aside $$ every darn week for that jogger. Watch your back with the snuggli. here's a link for a wrap type carrier. I have never tried it, but maybe you have an old sheet you could use to rig up a back's the link

I have a friend who has the german one (didymos?) that hiked in yosemite with her 3 yo in it while she was 5 months pregnant. I want to rig one up to give it a go, but we have a nice backpack so I never make the effort to do so.
Kerc- the Snuggli is NOT in my training plan-LOL!! It was just a stopgap for the day. I have a good framed backpack carrier (Tough Traveller) but it is in the car TOO!! My plan is to just use the umbrella stroller for walks and run a few days a week w/o dd for now. I've been on the lookout for used, even tried freecycle. The ones at the resale shop are $100 and we dont have it to spare right now.

gotcha. I was getting worried about your poor back!

have you tried posting a sign at your local library or someplace similar? something like ISO used jogger, have 40 bucks to spend + could trade kids clothes. or whatever ya got. The ad would be free.
Mon - 2 mile walk

Tuesday - 1/2 mile warm up then, 60 sec/jogging and 90 sec/ walking for a total of 20 minutes 1/2 mile cooldown

Wednesday - 2 mile walk

Thursday - 1/2 mile warm up then, 90 sec/jogging and 2 minutes/ walking for a total of 20 minutes then 1/2 mile cooldown

Friday - 2 mile walk

Saturday - 1/2 mile warm up then, 90 sec/jogging and 2 minutes/ walking for a total of 20 minutes then 1/2 mile cooldown

Sunday - 2 mile walk
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whoa! Am I on a new planet or are there some new running mamas here? I'm out for a week and feel like I've missed a month. Hi to geekgolightly, aprildawn, and vwgirlbeth!

Well, I made it to Mexico and back in one piece (had to go for work last week). I did not get any GI bugs (thank goodness!) but I did OD on caffiene (cokes and coca-cola light - diet coke is only in the US and the light tastes different but I digress...) so now I'm going through withdrawal. I wanted to minimize the number of times I pumped each day and also don't really like the taste of bottled water so I drank way too much coke and beer. I feel bloated, fat, and have a headache.

But, I ran this morning -- I actually pulled myself out of bed at 4:30 and ran 3.5 miles at a 9 min/mile pace. I have to be serious if I'm going to complete that 10-miler on July 24 - yikes! Oh, and my lethargy in recent weeks was not due to being pg --
came the day before my trip -- always fun to travel with her isn't it?

Glad to see everyone is running a lot. I'm shooting for running 4 times this week and working back up to 5-6 miles.

It's good to be back - I've missed you all

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let's see

Monday: trail run lunchtime
Tuesday: off or trail run
Wednsday: long run w/jogger
Thursday: off
Friday: long run or bike ride
Saturday: off
Sunday: super long and hard bike ride

it's a tough week for me, dh is working extra for a sales meeting which means no breaks for me until Thursday
i need to sign up for a race or something so i have something to train for!

Thistle - good for you for being so committed as to try to run with a snugli and even an umbrella stroller. someone will shine on you and you will get the equipment you need with that kind of an attitude.
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Well, I said six for today, but only manged to do five; I had to cut it short to rush back and pick the kids up from their little summer classes in time. Still, at least I can eat lunch without feeling guilty
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okay, i did it. i'm proud to say that my afternoon trail run has been accomplished and topped off with a couple of chocolate chip cookies
(hey, i'm still nursing and need those extra fat calories!)

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Everyone's plans sound wonderful!!

grnmtnmama can I have a cookie?
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whew. 4.5 miles here. waiting to shower before going to a friends for salmon. mmmmm. (mutual friends of ours had a moving-to-alaska, help us clean the freezer party yesterday. deb and elizabeth got sent home with half the salmon and are kind enough to share with us

great job otday mamas.
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My knee was acting out today so I only ran 2 miles in 20 minutes.
Welcome vwgirlbeth and sontanned!

Everyone here rocks! I'm so happy I have you to keep me motivated.

Plan for the week
Sun-waterskiing(got up on one ski again, but chickened out before I went around a turn)
Mon-4 miles
Tuesday- 3 miles with the double stroller(wish me luck it's at least 100 pounds)
Wednesday-3 miles with the double stroller again. I'm working and dh will be away.
Thursday- 5-6 miles
Friday 5-6 miles
Saturday- 3-4 miles possibly waterskiing

I haven't used my rollerblades in a long long time. It's too hilly around here with having to push the jogger too. Maybe I'll try it again. I loved how it helped my outer hips.

Everyone's plans sound great. I really hope to increase my time and distance soon. I'd love to do a 10 mile run.

Had to add my baby turned 2 today.
: Fiona

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Happy Birthday Fiona!!!
Love, love, love that name!

Way to run mamas!! You ladies push me and encourage me so much! I went out for a 30 minute walk today and found myself jogging here and there. And guess what? The pain is starting to subside a little bit. I wasn't as out of breath and I only got one mild side cramp. I set out to jog for 1 minute and walk 4 minutes and instead i jogged 3 minutes! I might have been able to go even further but I didn't want to do too much in one day. This was my first time at even attempting to jog. I will do it again tomorrow!!!

This is even encouraging my husband. Today when i got back from my walk/run he decided to go for a jog. He has never done that!!!

I will resist the urge to weigh myself. But I will do some measurements tonight so that I have something to compare the new me to!! (that's kinda scarey!!!)
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Okay, I 'm gonna take an attempt at planning a schedule. I'm really notorious for failing to follow a schedule. I usually like to plan more than I can realistically do, then if I do at least some of it, I feel good.

Sunday - ran 3 miles with jog stroller
Monday - off. (since I'm already with dd NAK for bedtime!)
Tues - 3 miles in the morning with jog stroller
Wed - speed workout of some sort
Thurs - off
Fri - Run for Glory 5K with ds
Sat - 4 miles, slow, with jog stroller

I don't know if it's do-able. I have 3 mamas due this week, too. (all first-timers, though, so they're more likely to goof up next week's schedule.)
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