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MDC Weight-loss Club: Monday Weigh-In (June 21)

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Hello! I Had a great weekend visiting friends, hiking, and picking strawberries. I did not, however, lose any weight while having so much fun! Oh well. I didn't gain any either, so I guess I am happy about that. Here's my info. Sorry for being such an un-inspiring thread starter lately. I promise I'll do better next week!!!

Height: 5'8
Last Weeks Weight: 166
Current weight: 166
Total loss this week: 0
Total loss since baby: 59 lbs
Total loss since September: 46 lbs
Total Loss since joining MDC Club on 2/9: 27 lbs
New Goal: 160 for my birthday (July 21)

Hope everyone else had a good week!

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start Weight: 195
Last Week: 176
This week: 175
Total Lost: 20 LBS!!!
NEW Mini-goal: 165
Long Term Goal: 160 or lower

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Megan... you've done so much already!
I think it's awesome.

Shelley- congrats on meeting your mini-goal!
Have a glass of sparkling water (that is calorie free, isn't it?)...

As for me... I did okay. Scale says I gained 2.5lbs this week... some of it was my very full breasts this morning. The milk jugs were almost overflowing when I worked out!
Not sure how much of a difference that makes. I figured I might gain back some of last week's 5lb loss because we went to Olive Garden the other night... let me tell you. I love their food
, but I swear it must be totally full of sodium cause when I work up the next morning I was drinking water by the 12oz glass and I just felt so swollen and my pulse was pounding. Very weird! I can feel those breadsticks sitting on my waist.

I think to continue to lose weight and maintain that weight, I'll have to continue doing the Curves low calorie weight loss program. I did it last week when I lost the 5lb but for it to work I'd have to stick with it. I didn't do it hard and fast, but used it as a guideline to make my meal choices. Mostly I just need to avoid so many breads!

Start weight: 154lb
Last week: 141
This week: 143.5
Weight-loss this week: n/a
Total loss since Christmas: 10.5lb

Mini-goal: 140

Final goal: 125-135lbs

(all weights are with shoes & clothes)
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Good morning, all!

I'm so sorry I didn't post last week ... I was embarrassed because I had just signed on the week before and did absolutely nothing to create weight loss at ALL following my introduction here ... My head felt motivated but my body did not follow suit. Anyway, I think my body is now ready to listen to my head and visa versa.

My weight hasn't moved so far (which is definitely a good thing):
Highest ever: 284
Most 'recent' low: 229 (Aug. 2002) and 224 (June 2001)
MDC start weight: 276
Today's weight: 276
Mini-Goal: 250
Not-so-mini goal: 210 by birthday at end of January

Megan--Congrats on maintaining and for your very impressive loss so far. You're an inspiration!

Shelly--Wow! Congratulations on making your mini-goal. That is truly fabulous!!

Busy--I totally understand about the Olive Garden thing ... I am rendered weak and helpless at the very sight of their breadsticks. You've done an incredible job, though! Congrats on your overall loss!

Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!! I'll be thinking about your this week as I try to sync my body to my goals.

My best,
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Highest ever 175
last week 137
today 138
mini goal 135
ultimate goal 125

I gained a pound but am just so happy it wasn't more than that. We went a little overboard celebrating father's day

I am going to have to figure out how to celebrate without gaining weight as it is always one holiday or another. We are really looking forward to July 4th. It was my Dad's b-day, so since he died when I was little, my sister and I have always gotten our families together and had a huge celebration. This year though I will have to do that celebrating in a more healthy way. Otherwise, between father's day, the 4th, and DS's firts b-day, July will be a wash.
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I need to join in here.

My name is Angie, and started a modified low carb diet Match 27, weighing in at 212.

I now weigh 178. I am nursing my 4 month old baby, and trying to get a mile walk in every day. When I first started , I was cheating now and then with a specialmeal, and I was still loosing great, but now my weight loss has slowed down and one cheat meal really throws me off. I was 175 last Friday but went out for pizza this weekend, and even though I thought I made up for it with a ton of exercise, still back up to last week's weight. So that bummed me out.

I guess I need to remember that in the long run that one meal probably wont matter, but I am bummed all that weight I lost last week is back. I also try to put it in perspective by thinking I weighed 230 before my baby was born, so I lost ALL that pregnancy weight plus more.

I guess I will have to quit those cheat meals, and just have something special, but still relatively low carb.
My next goal to hit is 175 by 4th of July. And get there and not go back up! LOL

My goal weight is 150. That is still a bit overweight for me as I am 5'3, but once I get there I can re evaluate my goals. My ideal weight would be around 130, but I'd be happy at 150.

Well I am off for my walk!
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No change for me. Yesterday was dh's birthday *and* father's day and I ate three pieces of pizza and a piece of chocolate cake for dinner. But it was a planned indulgence, so I don't feel guilty. The weather got much cooler and I had a great run today. I had been worried that my diet was making me too weak to run, but apparently, it's just the weather.

my stats
height: 5'6"
highest weight: 160-ish
start weight here: 145
today's weight: 120
goal: 115-ish

I've also been keeping track of my measurements. When I started at the weight-loss club here, in February, 2003 my hips were 38.5" and I had a 28" waist. I now have 36" hips and a 26" waist. I recall that at my highest weight, I had 42" hips!
Well, turns out I'm not pregnant after all. The blood test confirmed it. I've been very hormonal still, so I think af is on the way.

I didn't lose at all this week or last --- I totally forgot about posting last monday too, I've been so busy with college classes.

(Height 5'10")
Highest weight while pregnant Feb 2003: 232
Start weight at MDC (Mar 04): 223.5
Last week: 215.8
This week: 215.8

Loss this Week: 0
Total loss (MDC) : 7.7 pounds
Goal for next week's weigh in: 212

17 lbs to lose for end of July 2004 goal of 199
32 lbs to lose for end of Aug 2004 goal of 185
Ultimate Goal: 165 pounds by October 2004

So I haven't been exercising hardly at all. College classes are filling up my schedule and causing lack of sleep. But I must motivate myself and do it! I'm at least happy that I haven't gained in the last two weeks. My eating habits are healthy too, and that's a good thing.

Goals for this week: do weight training work out twice this week. Work out with the exercise ball one day. Do Pilates "Daily Dozen" work out once this week. Drink more water! I've been horrible about drinking enough lately.

Keep up the good work "losers"
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Hey all,

Well, the scale said 141 this morning - half a pound or a pound down from last week, I don't remember - but more importantly, I am newly
(due end Feb. 2005) so I must bow out for now!

I am so happy to be starting this pregnancy at a healthy weight - and this weekly thread has been a huge part of my success. Here's the numbers:

Pre-pregnancy weight: 185
Highest pp weight, Aug. 2002: 216
Start weight at MDC: 198
This week: 141
Total lost since Aug. 2002: 75 pounds!

Send me sticky vibes - I hope I will not be back here until next spring!
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Pre-pregnancy weight: 230
Highest pregnancy weight: 290
Highest pp weight, January 2004: 270
Start weight at MDC: 233
Last Week: 230.5
This week: 233
Total lost since Dec 2003: 57 pounds.

I am really struggling with making sure my six month old has enough to eat so he can gain, and eating just a bit less than I need. Last week I went off my diet and I gained 2.5 lbs in a week! It's freaking me out, so I am going to restrict to 2000kcal (I was restricting to 1800kcal) and begin walking again. I am so happy that there is a support group here, because I love these forums.

Well I am at 145, up +1 from last week. I started biking more, when my tailbone permits it! I go back to school this week so I have another excuse to bike, but first I have to buy that special bolt-cutter-resistant cable because I'm determined to be one of the few people in my school whose bike is never stolen.

I also believe in good old fashioned calorie counting. Last week I was eating 2500 a day; I think I will take it down to 2200. Trying to find the right balance; one that won't interfere with nursing but will let me lose some weight each week.

I also need to start lifting weights again; I didn't lift at all during my pgcy and I got so weak! I can barely do one pushup.
Hey mamas

I feel like I did SO bad this last week
I just was totally unmotivated, and the kids had so much junk in the house, ugh! no excuse!!! I am going to be starting kick boxing this week, and I got a yoga dvd to do with the kids. I think I will be picking up a digital scale this week because the one I have right now just seems too fickle, like if you shift your weight slightly it can change the wieight on the scale up or down by 5 lbs. So, I will post my weigh in llater after I get an accurate scale!
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Congratulations, Quirky!

You could end up, at nine months pregnant, weighing less than your prepregnancy weight from the first pregnancy. I hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy.
It has been about two weeks since I last checked in , shame on me! Welcome newbies! It is great to have more support!

Last week: 152.5
This week: 152.0
Lost: .5 lb
Started MDC: 172?
Highest weight: 196
Total lost: 44 lbs.
Mini goal: 146 by the end of August
Ultimate Goal: 130-132 by November

Slowly but surely. I am going for a gym orientation tomorrow with a personal trainer and she will get me a customized work out plus check my weight, and body fat- yuck!

I am loving the warm weather and I am looking into getting a bike seat for my munchkin.
Talk to you next week and good luck to all!

PS: Last week was our anniversary and we ate at Olive Garden- I love the breadsticks too! Garlic- yum!
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Sometimes we have weeks like there where nothing changes.

Softmama- I hear ya on going overboard.

Sounds like you're on your way!

daylily- yesterday was my dh's birthday too... so we had cake and ice cream and too much food.

Kathy- I hope this week is better for you! It can be tought getting just the right amount of exercise, calories, and nursing your baby too.


Sorry to hear about your loss. Was it a chemical pregnancy or late AF? I'm so sorry.

Brussel- if I recall right, your scale has always been insane!

Here's to a good week for all of us!
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I'm joining in here too. I need all the support I can get!

I started weight watchers 2 weeks ago because I really want to lose some weight before we start ttc#2 this fall. I was concerned about trying to lose weight before now because I didn't want anything to happen to my milk supply, but now that I have a 28 pound 19 months old, I don't think she would be in any danger if my supply dropped some

Starting weight: 240.8
Current weight: 233.4
Mini-Goal: 220
Ultimate ttc goal: 200
Total lost since 6/7/04: 7.4 pounds
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Okay - getting back on the wagon...


Height 6 ft.
Re-starting weight (2 weeks ago) -286
Today - 280
Total change- 6 lbs
Mini goal - 260
Ultimate goal - 200

Hoping for a better week.

CONGRATULATIONS QUIRKY!!!!! sticky vibes for that babe!
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Forgot to weight myself yesterday morning
, AF hit home early and I feel too bloated to even think about getting on the scale right now

I can take a guess tho... i'm pretty sure I've gain a little - too many celebrations with beer and wine lately

I must get back on track with menu planning; improvisation is not my best weight-management buddy
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Hello, LOSERS!!
may I join in? some of you *may* remember me...i have joined and disappered a couple times over the last year or more. This time i'm joining from a different aspect. i'm currently 22 3/7 wks preg. with baby #4. i started this pregnancy *way* too high on the weight end. i was wanting to join for accountability in healthy eating and exercise. so my stats will be in a different direction than all of you, but i think our general goal of healthy eating and exercise is still the same. i haven't weighed myself since may 28th (my last dr. appt) i have an appt this fri and will post a current weight then.

pre-preg wt: 171 (i think)
last wt: 184 (may 28th)
total pregnancy wt gain: 13 lbs as of 18.5 wks along

after Fri, i'll start a weekly weigh in.

i have getting some walking in a lot more in the month since my last appt. so i feel good about that. i have had seemingly more good days than not in the healthy eating. maybe now that i have to come confess how i'm eating, i'll be even more aware
anyway, thanks for letting me join! i hope everyone has a great week!
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I have been quite flakey lately and not weighing in for on eexcuse or another-AF, vacation, etc. Now time to get serious.

mini goal 139.5(anything under 140)
ulitmate goal-115
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