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MDC Weight-loss Club: Monday Weigh-In (June 28)

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Good Morning Losers (and our newly PG friends!)

Not the greatest week yet but I did lose something (and since I was not so great, I guess I should be happy about that!) I lost so much weight and I am really happy with my body now - although another 10 pounds might be nice- so it is harder to stay focused on a diet now. I have never been this thin in my life because the last time I weighted this much was my early teens. I've always wanted to lose 30 or more pounds, so being in this spot now is so unique. Well, enough stalling, here's my stats this week:

Height: 5'8
Last Weeks Weight: 166
Current weight: 165
Total loss this week: 1
Total loss since baby: 60 lbs
Total loss since September: 47 lbs
Total Loss since joining MDC Club on 2/9: 28 lbs
New Goal: 160 for my birthday (July 21)
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Good morning!

Megan--Your loss is extraordinary! The fact that you lost yet another pound even if you didn't have the most ideal week is a true testament to your healthy lifestyle. Congrats!

I had a very good week, thankfully!

Highest ever: 284
Most 'recent' low: 229 (Aug. 2002) and 224 (June 2001)
MDC start weight: 276
Today's weight: 272
This week's loss: 4 pounds
Mini-Goal: 250
Not-so-mini goal: 210 by birthday at end of January

Hope everyone else had a great week!
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well I had my dh hide the scale
I am going to keep checking in here, but not weigh myself for a month. I have been frustrated and "rebellious" with my lack of progress and that makes me get off track. So for the next few weeks I am going to focus on staying on track and then hope that when I bring the scale back out there will be some improvement
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... I decided it was better not to weigh this week. More birthday celebrations this week and while I'm not a big cake person... this time we had Amish made apple crumb pie. I was a very, very, very bad girl this week!

So this week should be better I think... and we're too broke to eat out (a blessing in disguise I think!).
As bad as I want junk food sometimes, just eating badly for a day or two I can immediately notice a difference in how my pants fit so learning self-control will be worth it!!

I think I should probably start weighing once/month because I can fluctuate so much from week to week and now that AF has returned (in a sense that is, still waiting for a second AF) it will probably be worse. I think I'll just check in here every week, but only weigh once/month. We'll see if I can handle it or not.

Goals this week: less or no sweets, continue drinking lots of water, snack on veggies instead of junk food that dh buys

Start weight: 154lb
Last week: 141
This week: ---
Weight-loss this week: ---
Total loss since Christmas: 10.5lb

Mini-goal: 140

Final goal: 125-135lbs

(all weights are with shoes & clothes)
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knew it...

I've gain

Now for a fresh start: 134
Last week: no idea

Plan for the week: walk, walk, walk and drink lots of water! Stay away from alcool (it's awful the amount of calories of a single beer
: ) and white bread...

Congratulations to our pregnant friends!

Hope to come back with good news next week.
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Start weight: 195 lb
Last week: 175
This week: 174
Weight-loss this week: 1 lb
Total loss: 21 lb

Mini-goal: 165
Final goal: 160 or lower (starting to look realistic! never thought it was possible to even get CLOSE!)

had a good week for exercise, not so great week for eating, so i'm glad i'm still on the losing side! now that i've lost 20 lbs (still can't believe i did it!), it's getting harder to stay motivated (oh, just one bag of chips won't hurt.. turns into major pig out!) but really, i've got at least another 15 lbs to go!!!
I am done being fat! It is no longer a part of my identity. Now to lose the weight.

Height: 60.5"
Today: 181- my exact pre-preg weight
Mini Goal: 180 - hey, gotta start somewhere!
Ulimate goal - about 125- will assess later

I am going to do Fit For Life. Had previous success with it and it gives me lots of energy.

Is it ok if I post every day for a while- for accountability?

I have walked at least 30 mins for the past 5 days.


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Doh!! i'm a dork...totally forgot to weigh this morning..i'll weigh tomorrow. eating wise has been pretty good and i have had nice walks everyday since Fri.

congrats to all those who are losing and
to those who had an off week...this week will be awesome for everyone!!

wt at start of preg: 171
last wt: 188
total wt gain for preg: 17 lbs (at 22.5 wks)
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Hi, thistle!! i'll post with ya everyday...i need the accountability, too!

so far today i have had a bowl of Kashi GoLean cereal w/ 1% milk and half a cup of coffee w/ cream...haven't walked yet today, but i will sometime, outside or with a WATP tape.

OT...don't know if you remember me, but we were swap buddies on a craft swap awhile ago...
have a great day!
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After forgetting to post last week, I realized that I really need you guys! It's so refreshing to come here and counteract all the crap that gets thrown our way to get us off track!

Highest ever: 200
Last week's weight: 168
Today's weight: 167
This week's loss: 1lb.
Mini-Goal: 155 by 7/25
Not-so-mini goal: 130 by ???

I didn't do so well last week exercising. I went for 1/2 hour walks maybe 3 times and one LONG (we got lost) hike for about 2 1/2 hours. I have found that doing more exercise than that is what has gotten helped me start to lose weight again. I've been doing okay about eating healthy and portion control.

On a really happy note, all my pants are baggy and are starting to look bad on me! Even ones I just got in June! I talked to my SIL about her upcoming wedding and about the dress that I'll have to buy since nothing fits me anymore!!! Yay for me!

Keep up the great work ladies! I just may have to post daily as well to keep me on track!
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Down to 143 this week, 2 lbs from last week! So I've got 33 more lbs to lose to get to my goal.

I've been all depressed because my belly looks so gross. Besides the little fat blob, I've still got the brown line from breastbone to pubic bone, which, oddly enough, didn't appear until after delivery! And my navel is still dark brown and looks unwashed. Also, a few days ago I noticed some little tiny stretch marks! I thought I had made it through another pregnancy without getting any but I guess not. It took me a while to notice them, so maybe it won't be such a big deal.

But at least the weight thing is working out...I'm down to 2200 cal/day and trying to ride my bike at least once. I also started lifting my 5 lb weights again and trying to do pushups...I can do 2 now!
That's up from 1!
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I lost one pound! Wonderful!

Last week: 152
This week: 151
Lost: 1 lb
Total lost: 45 lbs since November
Mini Goal: 146 by Labor Day
Ultimate Goal: 130ish

Good luck for everyone this week, enjoy the holiday weekend!

hello! i haven't been online for a few months.. i can't remember what my weight was when i was last here. i think 145ish. anyway, i was stuck on 142 just about every time i looked for the last few months, but hurrah, i looked just now and i am 139! that's only 5 pounds more than my prepreg weight. i guess there's one benefit to nursing AAAAAAAAAALLLLLL night!

so, stats:

height: 5'9"
weight: 139!
heaviest weight: 180ish postpartum (10 months ago)
goal weight: 130ish
mini goal: 135

anybody hear read The Okinawa Diet Plan? just started it.. it is jam packed with food science. it is really inspiring!
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I happily discovered this morning that i have lost 1.8 pounds since last week
. I finally bought a book I've been wanting for a while called "The Metabolic Typing Diet", and its so great. It really helps to form an individual diet for each person, unlike many diets that are supposed to work great for anyone. Its all about eating the right foods for you genetic, metabolic, etc, make-up. I highly recommend this book! After four days I notice a difference in how I feel...a lot more energy is the main difference.

(Height 5'10")
Highest weight while pregnant Feb 2003: 232
Start weight at MDC (Mar 04): 223.5
Last week: 215.8
This week: 214

Loss this Week: 1.8 pounds!
Total loss (MDC) : 9.5 pounds
Goal for next week's weigh in: 210

15 lbs to lose for end of July 2004 goal of 199
29 lbs to lose for end of Aug 2004 goal of 185
Ultimate Goal: 165 pounds

In addition to my weight loss goal for next week, I need to: start weight training again, up my water intake, and do pilates once this week.

Okay, I'm off to get as much school work done as possible and try to work out when Jakob goes to bed. Good luck everyone, you can lose it!
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Quick stats:
Starting this week at 175 again, lowest I've been on this thread is 170lbs. We'll see what I have to report next week.
Mini goal is 170 again.

This has been a good week. I think it has really helped that I am now refusing to let the emotions involved with certain situations get to me. It has been pretty hard, but so worth it.

My mini goal was 232.5 by July 4th, and it looks like I am not quite going to make it, but that is OK. I will be close

last week 245
this week 241
weight lost this week 4 lbs

weight lost since joining here 19 lbs I think
total weight lost 73 lbs

mini goal 232.5 by mid July (moving the date back a little
final goal 165 (though I may go 150 if I can)
Almost exactly half way there

My goal for the week is to do kick boxing at least four days and yoga with the kids every day if possible. Drink more water, and walk whenever I am going someplace near by.
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Hi ladies

Can I join? I didn't weigh today, but perhaps I could post my stats starting next week.

Since giving birth to my DD 8 months ago, I've had a very hard time losing any of the weight. Right now I'm still 30 pounds heavier than pre preg... and I needed to lose 70 when I got pg... so right now, I'm sitting here with 100 pounds to lose
and feeling very overwhelmed and depressed.

Maybe having a group of people to report to will help me to become more accountable??? I'm just so tired of hating myself and second guessing just how effective I can be as a mother when I'm having a hard time moving this body around
Does anyone else relate?
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Originally Posted by Softmama
Hello Thistle, what is Fit for Life?
Fit for Life (by Harvey & Marylin Diamond) is based on a food combining theory. The basics of it are- Fruit only for breakfast and for lunch and dinner you have veggies, salad and either a carb OR protein. You don't eat carbs and protiens together in a meal (with the exception of beans).

I'm not sure I buy the theory. However, I know when I was doing it in law school I weighed 120 and ate plenty. I also like that I don't have to stand over every plate with a calculator, I still get to eat potatoes (life is unbearable without them if you ask me).

Some celebs who do food combining are Marilu Henner adn Suzanne Sommers. It was semi-popular in the early 80's.

I am going to give it a go and see how I do this time. So far, so good, but it has only been one day! -LOL

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OK so here is my accountability for Monday--

Exercise -- 30 mins walking with 2 yo dd on my back (DH took the stroller to work !)

Bfast- Orange, Fruit Smoothie (should have eaten more but didnt have any more fruit)
Lunch - 2 tortilla wraps -- BBQ onions, tofu, tomato, avocado (supposed to have a salad with but didnt have stuff)
Snack- a couple of graham crackers
Phone call to DH-- "GET SALAD!"
Dinner - Salad w/ light Vinagrette, spaghetti w/ tomato sauce, ONE buttermilk buiscuit dipped in garlic butter
After dinner - a few peanuts

Analysis- Great on the exercise! That was my 5th day in a row of at least 30 mins exercise. Diet could use more protien. Was feeling really tired, but I attribute that more to going, going, going with little sleep for 3 days. Really proud of what I DIDN'T do- didn't drink the Coke in the fridge, didn't eat any of the M&Ms we are using as potty training rewards, didn't use not having the stroller as an excuse to not exercise.


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