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MDC Weight-loss Club: Monday Weigh-In (June 7)

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Hello everyone! I have losts my mind it seems, having forgotten today was Monday and neglecting both the weigh in this morning and to start the thread, my apologies! I will come back later and edit this post to have my stats for this week.

Last Weeks Weight: 166
Current weight: 165
Total loss this week: 1
Total loss since baby: 60 lbs
Total loss since September: 47 lbs
Total Loss since joining MDC Club on 2/9: 28 lbs
New Goal: 160 for my birthday (July 21)

Hope everyone had a great week. I'll gt back o you later today or tomorrow morning!

I have added my stats - a modest lose this week, but I'll take it since I was bad this weekend!

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Hi all.
Last week:158
This week: 157
Loss since May: 8 lbs
Loss since joining MDC Club: 3 lbs
I think you ladies really are in inspiration!
start weight: 195
last week: 181
this week: 177
lost this week: 4 lbs
lost since MDC: 18 lbs!!!!!
mini goal: 175 by end of june
long term goal: 160 or lower

i did much much better on eating this week... can't believe i lost four pounds, but i'll take it LOL! feeling good, off for a walk to start my day :p
After finally losing two pounds after not loss (or even worse gaining), it looks like I gained again this week.
I didn't eat so well this week
: and now I'm paying for it. My weight could be skewed a bit because I drank a bunch of water this morning as I woke up very thirsty.

It almost seems that anytime I lose a bit, I end up sabotaging myself. Kind of the "I'm losing so I should be allowed to snack today" mentality.

Here's to a better week this week! Goals are to drink more water and walk once or twice this week in addition to my workouts.

Start weight: 154lb
Last week: 143.5
This week: 146 (after I drank over 12oz of water! LOL)
Weight-loss this week: n/a
Total maintained loss since Christmas: 8lb

Mini-goal: 140 (no time frame as I'm losing too slowly/regaining weight lost)

Final goal: 125-135lbs

(all weights are with shoes & clothes)
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Ugh! I was bad bad bad this week! It has been an emotional week and I totally used that to excuse things instead of working thru it in healthier ways

Last week 250
this week 250
weight loss 0
goal for the week: drink more water, think before I put food in my mouth, get out and walk more
short term goal: 232.5 by July 4th
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Monday already?????

: Confession

I know we are not suppose to call ourselves names but I lost it this morning on this poor lady in the mirror

I don't remember exactly what were the numbers two weeks ago (and don't feel like searching right now) but I went as low as 128 and I'm now up to 132

I have fell off the wagon and have a hard time getting back on

Crazy schedules and loads of stress can makes one going

The two big homeschooling events are behind... now can I relax??? NOOOOOO!!!! It's renovations time!!!!!
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The good news: I worked out 5 days last week and am loving my new routine.
The bad news: I was feeling rebellious about my darn plateau and figured if I wasn't going to lose anything anyway I would go ahead and eat what I wanted to. Brililant idea. I gained weight. duh....
so back up to 139.5 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

New goal. continue with the workouts as I am doing amazing. I am finally ready to bite the bullet and really pull in nutrition to this equation.

I am unhappy with the scale this morning but I am feeling jazzed and ready to rededicate and up for the challenge.

Here is my promise to myself. For four weeks, i am going to avoid sugar and white flour. I have half-arsed this before, but this time I am making myself a promise and sticking with it.
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Start weight: 218lb
Last week: 202.5
This week: 200
Weight-loss this week: 2.5 lbs. (after plateau for two weeks)
Total maintained loss end of March

Mini-goal: 180 by my d-bay in August

Final goal: 160lbs
I haven't been good about posting regularly, esp since I hit a plateau, but the scale finally budged, so I thought I'd post. Valerie,
. We all have setbacks--you've done great!

My Stats
Highest PP weight: 160
Start at MDC weightloss club: 145
Plateau weight: 125
Today's weight: 122

I kicked my plateau by starting the South Beach diet--I've completed one week and it hasn't been too bad. I did feel like crap on the first day, and I still feel weak when I run--yesterday I had to stop and walk up a hill that I've been running up easily for the past year. But I'm committed to eating whole grains instead of refined grains, and keeping sugar out of my life, except for the very occaisional treat.
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Last week: 192
Current weight: 191
Total loss since Feb: 9 lbs
Mini Goal: 186, my steady non-pg weight of the last 5 or so years
Bigger Goal: 160, weight my doctor recommends I get down to

I am still on my average loss of 1 lb a week, which goes along with my moderate cutback of eating and moderate increase of working out. If I just keep up like this for a while, I'll get there, right?

I signed divorce papers today. As in the final papers. If he signs this week, then we're officially done!!

To celebrate, I baked, and ate, a cake last weekend. burp. I know, I shouldn't have, but once started, it's so hard to stop. No - I didn't eat it all in one sitting. And I even shared some with friends, but I did eat the lion's share of it.

I will do my 4th bosu yoga class this week. I really enjoy it and am wondering if I should splurge and buy a bosu for myself to do at home.
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Hi, all!

I've been lurking here for a bit, before finally getting up the courage to join your wonderful group. Everyone here is so supportive, and that's really something I could use right now. So, I hope you don't mind if I start posting here, as well.

I have been overweight my whole life, but have been able to take off weight here and there--actually I was 60 pounds lighter three years ago. I just wished I could have maintained it--agh!

I do not have any children yet, but am hoping to start TTC in about 2-3 years. In the meantime, I need to get healthier. I have high blood pressure (controlled with medication and exercise) that worsens as my weight goes up, so it's really necessary for me to lose.

Highest ever: 284
Most 'recent' low: 229 (Aug. 2002) and 224 (June 2001)
Today's weight: 276
Mini-Goal: 250
Not-so-mini goal: 210 by birthday at end of January

Congrats to all of you on your wonderful accomplishments!
Health and happiness,
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Okay, I'm ready to get back on the ball...

Current weight 286
Starting weight 282

I had lost almost 10 lbs. when I developed a really severe case of poison ivy, and was taking Prednisone for the inflammation. It also had that lovely side effect of packing on the pounds. (okay, so those cookies didn't help any either...)

Mini goal - lose 10 lbs and avoid the sugar

Repeat with me ladies... Stay away from the Milanos, stay away from the Milanos...
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I am brand new to this forum and would LOVE to join this buddy group! I am so ready to lose weight and get healthy now. I understand it takes time. I also have been overweight for all of my adult life. So far, I have no immediate health problems caused by my weight, but I understand it will not stay that way. I like being active, but unfortunatly I like eating even more and belive I probably have an addiction issue with food...I have been known to binge for days at a time. Since getting pg last February, I have become more aware of not being an emotional eater. DH is very supportive and encouraging and for that I'm thankful!

On to the ugly but true #'s!! I'm 5'7".

Highest weight: 287 (3 years ago)
Got pg at :236
Delivered at :249
2 weeks pp :235
5 minutes ago :241 (OGM! last time I weighed myself was 236...all the more reason tobe here!)
Goal :160

My goal weight is a long-term goal since I will TTC long before I can achieve that weight. Weight gain was not an issue for me during pregnancy. I would love to get to 200 before getting pg again.

So I gather you check in every Monday. I'll be back next week. Next Wednesday we are going to Hawaii for a week (how I wish I looked better!) so I'll miss that week.
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BTW - wanted to add that I hate the word 'diet'...except for in the context of 'balanced diet' and 'healthy diet'. That said, this is my plan. I have emptied my house of all refined carbs including sweets. Carbs are big time trigger food for me and while I am not going to put them in a box labeled BAD I know I absolutly have to limit my intake of them - tortilla chips are my main weakness, followed by cookies.
: I have stocked up on fruit, veggies & good protein choices.
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Ok, I'm gonna bite the bullet and join in on this, too.
Deep breath and here it goes...

Starting weight:172 (January 04)
Current weight: 156
Goal weight: 140-by September 04
Very short term goal-150 by June 19 (vacation)
Realistic goal-to not return to starting weight while on vacation

I'm working really hard on portion sizes and trying to drink more water.

Congrats to all of you!
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Nora sounds like you're off on the right track. I think slow and steady is the way to go. I wish I had lost the weight before I got pg with #2, but it is still coming off. I'm sticking to it. I'm off the sugar and yeasty breads this month...Paige, sounds like we're at about the same point, but I need to get to a lower goal weight, I'm only 5'2".
A big
to all our new losers!
This is a great place for support and encouragement, no matter where you are and where you want to get to on your journey.

I'm plateaued as well (did I even spell that right??) at 144-145. I've bounced down to 143, up to 145, and back again. In the long term perspective, it's great, given where I started (216) - in the short-term goal-oriented numbers obsession, it's not so great.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe I set my ultimate goal (135) too low - I think my body likes being at 145. Or maybe that's just rationalization because I don't want to count calories and I can't really exercise any more than I am right now. What I would love to do is join a gym and lift some real weights, but that's not realistic. Sigh.

We're also TTC (I'm in the 2ww right now) so if I come up
that will be that for weight loss for a while...but I'm going to keep up exercising no matter what. I want to have a strong, fit pregnancy this time around!
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Just finished my 3 mile walk, and it feels so good. Once I'm out the door, I'm happy to be doing it. It's the getting out the door part.......Quirky, it sounds like your at a good weight for yourself, the real question is how do you look?
WELCOME to all the new members - its great to have new people!

Quirky-I feel like I am in a similar spot right now. I got into the mid-160s and seem to be slow to leave here. I am 5'8 and have a big structure, so my goal was never to get lower than about 150. I have been trying to concentrate on weight training and toning but I am not happy to have slowed down so much (but I am also slowly allowing myself to hav more flexibility in my diet which I like, but which seems to put me in maintance mode and not losing mode). But, I would like to get into the 150's before I start just maintaining my weight.

This week will be hard because my mom is coming to visit which means taking her out to a bunch of NYC restraunts. Hopefully I can come back next week with another modest lose and then get back to being more serious and show a bigger lose in the next few weeks.

Good luck to everyone!

How do I join this weight loss club? I haven't lost any wieght since the first month of Koba's life. I lost forty pounds that month. I was a little bit sick. But I would like to loose an additional ten pounds and have not been able to loose a pound! So how do I join. Maybe it would motivate me.
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