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I have 3 dds. The oldest is 18 yrs old now, my middle dd is 2yrs & about 9 months & my baby is 3 1/2 months.

dd#2 has been having "issues" since dd#3 was born. Mainly to do with setting up boundaries around everything she considers to be hers ( the "me a mine" bit ) & she has a control thing going on with how she thinks things should be ( the "NO!!!!" bit ). She is just about OK when it is only us at home but if anyone comes to see her who is the same age as her, she loses the plot if they go near anything she thinks they shouldn't & spends the whole time yelling "NO!!!! " & crying & trying to push them around literally or take whatever they have picked up from them.

There seems to be such a great deal of pressure to socialise children of her age but I am ending up not knowing what to do. It seems whenever I take her to see another little person, either they are already having their own issues or she does. Interestingly they never both seem to simultaneously.

So yeah, I am at a loss as to what to do. My oldest dd ( the 18yr old ) never had these problems. She was always very easy going & sharing of everything. I am sure they are to do with the fact that we now have dd#3. I love dd#3 very dearly & obviously ( doh!) we can't get rid of her now so what can I do to make things easier for my poor toddler. Anyone faced this problem & overcome it in a pleasant way ?
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