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Me and my Fiance have the hardest time

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Hi my name is Mike and my fiance and I have the hardest times some night trying to get our Two year old son Justin to go to bed. Some nights he will go right to sleep, but he always in bed with us and i hardly get the alone time with my fiance that i want. almost every night that we do get him in his bed,, After it took an hour or so with us to get to sleep, he usually ends right back in bed with us with in a couple of hours and my fiance doesnt want to change it. I really dont have a problem with him coming to bed with us exept that i do want some alone time with my fiance but i hardly do.
What can i do to start getting him to sleep on his own and not in our bed every night,, plaese help.
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Is it possible for you and your fiance to have time together outside of the bed?
I was thinking the exact thing that the pp said. DH and I just put our ds(21 months) to bed, in our bed and have our time together in the living room. DS is old enough to climb off the bed by himself and get us if he needs us.
We are expecting our fourth baby and have pretty much been cosleeping with our kids for the past 7 years. We have anywhere from 1-3 kids in our bed at any given time. I usually put the kids to bed at 7:30. I lay with them until they are asleep. Then I come downstairs, usually by 8-8:30. This gives us a couple hours of alone time before we go to bed. I put them to sleep because dh gets up early for work and he will fall asleep if he does it. He gets to unwind by himself while I get them down and then we have our time.
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