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Me Too!

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I just wanted to chime in, "me too, me too!"

I ovulated on September 26 (I swear I felt a "ping" on my right side) and we hit that egg with a ton of spermies and Voila...I got a faint line on the 10 (one day after my period was due). Today the line was even darker. WOO HOO.

I'm already the proud mama of an 8 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. I'm still nursing DD and YES, my nipples are VERY sore.

I'm a bit worried about this pregnancy because in June I had an ectopic pregnancy. There is an increased chance that I could have a repeat ectopic, but that one was on the left side, and I SWEAR I felt the ovulation ping on my right hopefully all will go well.

I'm off to see if my chosen midwives' office is open today. I hope so!

Nice to meet all of you June mamas. I look forward to talking a LOT about this with you all...especially because DH and I have decided against telling anyone we are pregnant until after the 3 month mark (just in case it is not viable).

I'm giddy!

Happy pregnant mama
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I meant to post this as a reply to the expecting in June thread. Sorry. If it's possible, can this be deleted?? I've already posted this as a reply to the thread I intended to post it in.

Happy Pregnant Mama
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