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mec liners

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I was wondering if I could just buy a piece of flannel fabric and cut out liners to use during the first week to keep my CDs from being stained with meconium. I wasn't going to hem them or anything... just wash the fabric and use my doublers as templates to cut out the liners.
Any different suggestions? Different fabric? Different approach?
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Flannel will fray but fleece would be fine.

I had no staining from meconium and found liners would have been more useful in protecting the diapers from breastmilk
We had no staining from meconium. None. Not a bit. Breastfed poo? oh yeah, it stains (suns right out though) but not a single bit of stain from meconium.

We never used any liners and never had any stains from the meconium. So liners aren't really necessary.
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