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Can anyone englighten to me as to what is considered 'edible meat'?

Mechanically separated meat is where bones and meat are put through a sieve at high pressure, removing all edible meat from the bone and turning it into a paste.

Can anyone tell me, with references if you have them, if this includes grinding of very small bones, spinal cord, brain, tendons/ligaments, fat, and other organs?

Obviously only the lowest quality meat is used in foods using this method, and i'm wondering what else might be included along with the 'edible meat'

I know mechanically separated beef is no longer considered fit for human consumption because parts of the brain/spinal cord of beef were being found in the meat slurry and there was risk of mad cow disease as a result... So if spinal cords and brains were found ni this mechanically separated 'meat' is this the same for chicken, pork and turkey?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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