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meconium and vaseline on diapers

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Okay, so enough mamas have said that meconium was no big deal and didn't stain their diapers...well, when we were in the hospital with DD, they had us put vaseline on her butt between changes to help the meconium wipe easily off her skin. Since I plan on CDing from the start, is vaseline going to be a problem washing out? What else could we use that wouldn't damage the diapers (some kind of oil, perhaps?)...

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Vaseline hasn't stained any of ds's dipes
Sometimes it's the only instant relief for dry baby butt syndrome for him :LOL
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Vaseline should wash out with a good detergent. If it bothers you that it's a petroleum product, I've heard of many people using olive oil on a cotton ball between changes.
My dd has super sensitive skin and we very often use a barrier if she has any redness at all. We have only used lansinoh, and even tho I was worried about it causing repelling on my fleece, it never has. A good detergent and a hot wash should get just about anything out
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I second Michray's post

That is what we use too. go get you some cheap fleece at walmart and cut some rectangles to use during this "rashy moon" that way if they get ruined you aren't out much money. The cool thing about fleece is you do not have to sew the edges, you can just cut and use. HTH
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IMO you don't need the Vaseline because the meconium isn't hard to wipe off with a wet cotton square.
I really don't understand this whole fear of meconium (I'm not referring to you specifically, just in general). I mean it's a newborn baby... nothing is going to come out of that infant that is going to be so disgusting that it's not going to wipe off and it's not going to horribly stain anything.
Health care professionals need to stop perpetuating this myth!!!

Anyway, vaseline comes out no problem, but really you don't need to put anything on their new bums imnsho.
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We had no problem at all with meconium. Ds was born 2 weeks ago, and none of our diapers are stained at all. I never used vaseline, and it was no problem to clean him. I used hemp or sherpa wipes and warm water.

When his bottom was slightly irritated, I used Lansinoh. No problem with that either.

I agree with is not nuclear waste coming out...just poop! :LOL
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Meconium can be sticky but IME it doesn't stain. I avoid vaseline (esp. on a brand new baby) because it's a petroleum product. I tell clients who are worried to wipe a cotton ball of olive oil on the baby's butt before you close the new dipe up, it makes meconium wiping much easier.
Will olive oil help with the super dry skin? I don't like Lansinoh
: because I don't see why I should give $12 for something I can get for $2 :LOL I don't like huge markups like that...not cool IMO. Anyways... I have lanolin for my soakers, so would olive oil or lanolin be better? Sorry for the hijack mama
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Dry skin on who? Baby or mama? Olive Oil is good for dry skin too, and cradle cap. And straight lanolin is GREAT for diaper rash!
Thanks ladies.

As I understood it, it wasn't that the meconium was supposed to be harmful to their skin at all, just that newborn skin doesn't take well to "scrubbing". The idea was, with vaseline, you could easily wipe it off without having to rub and potentially irritate baby's skin.

I may not have control over the hotness of our water (we'll be in a new apartment; in our current one it's not that hot b/c the landlord controls it and a lower setting saves money). But I think the olive oil suggestion is good. It's not that I have anything against petroleum jelly, I just know how hydrophobic it is, and worried that it would just glob around in the wash and get on everything.

I'll try without the jelly, and if it's a problem, I'll use olive oil. Thanks ladies!
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