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media storage

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I just realized I have a big mess to organize and that is literally 1000's of cd's, dvd's, vhs, tapes, audio tapes, records,mini disc,reel to reels, sheet music,books. you name it we probably have it. my late DH was a bit of a media freak (though I admit to a large amount of books,tapes and cds myself when we met-but only 100'

right now I am looking into wall storage for cd's. is it even feasable to think I can put several hundred CD's on a wall rack? I have the perfect spot for it if I could find just the right rack..sigh.i don't have room for any more shelves or cabinets though (I'm trying to simplify and get rid of stuff anyway) and don't want anything that's going to cost several hundreds of dollars,yk?

any ideas?

also should I get rid of the VHS & audio tapes? I am definitly getting rid of the reel to reel stuff. I just don't know if I could part with our tape collection (deadhead here
) but it's been sitting in racks for YEARS collecting dust. any great ideas for storing these other than under the beds?
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Maybe you have a dresser that you can use? Also, maybe a filing cabinet? They sell trays for storing CDs in a filing cabinet.
All my CDs and DVDs are in books. (The CDs are alphabatized by artist, the DVDs haven't been alphabatized yet and probably never will be... they're more like in categories). I threw out the jewel cases for them. Best decision ever! They take up so much less space now... I've heard there's actually a market for jewel cases, too -- wish I had known that before! But you can list them on craigslist or sell them to CD stores, if they're in good shape.

I kept the covers for my CDs and they are bundled up in a drawer somewhere. Probably I'll eventually recycle them or use them for art...

I'm still holding on to a few VHS (one drawer full) which I will eventually have burned to DVD. That's special stuff, like our wedding video and such...

Tapes we got rid of. Mostly. There are a few we kept for sentimental reasons. Don't know how we'd play them, tho -- we have no tape player!

I assume tapes can be burnt to CD somehow. I imagine there are companies that do that... if I were you, and had such a large collection, I'd look into that.

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The stuff you can't part with, convert! We just bought a DVD recorder from wal-mart for under $100 (way cheaper than paying someone). With the right cables you should be able to convert to dvd, and you can buy super-thin jewel cases--they even have packs with multi-colors, so you could organize by color while you're at it.
I also use the books for the CDs. We don't have many DVDs but I see that changing in the future and will also use books. I've been trying to get rid of the VHS tapes for so long, but dh wants to hold onto some. Finally I did the "these are mine from before we married and I can do what I want with them" for most of the VHS. The rest are in the garage because we don't have a working VHS player. We didn't have many audio tapes.
yeah the thing is we have a dvd burner and cd burner...DH converted some of his Aunts recordings fro audio to CD (not sure exactly how though)

lots of our cds are live music shows (ie,GRateful Dead,Phish,etc), DH also spent alot of time on the covers for those so I don't just want to throw them out,yk? I would like to keep the collection somewhat intact that way.

we do have several binders of dvd's and cd's already
I guess that's the best option space wise so I will probably do that with all the movies we have but that still doesn't solve the problem of the music (the main prob)

I think I will get rid of all the VHS as we never watch them!

I am searching for wall racks I like for the cd's still. I found one but it's only 126 capacity
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Maybe you could make a mural of the covers, and hang it up somewhere in your house? Then you could covert the audio to CD.

This must be a hard process.
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Purging most of our VHS did a world of good! I think we got rid of anything that wasn't sentimental and that was more than a couple years old. LIterally cut what we had in more than half. I think converting to DVD is a great idea as they take so much less space. I've seen the books to store them in and think they're a great idea. We should invest as our DVD"s never seem to make it back to the case and usually end up on a spindle.
I'd like to second the album idea for cds. We wrote the serial numbers on our computer related cds with sharpies (hmm, that word seems to be doing an asprin, but I digress). The album holds about 250 CDs in 5 inches of shelf space and has a handle so it's easy to move around. It also zips completely closed so there's no dust to worry about.

We still need to move over our music CDs but we don't have that many. What you'll want is an album with spaces large enough to slip the liner notes in with the CDs.

Our big problem is DVDs since we really like the covers and VHS's because they are just plain not as compact. For them, I'm thinking we'll eventually do something built in, but that'll be a long time coming, as of right now we've got two of those flimsy wooden media racks that you can get at Target.
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Originally Posted by alexisyael
Tapes we got rid of. Mostly. There are a few we kept for sentimental reasons. Don't know how we'd play them, tho -- we have no tape player!

I assume tapes can be burnt to CD somehow. I imagine there are companies that do that... if I were you, and had such a large collection, I'd look into that.

I use Cakewalk Pyro 2004. Turns out that all the music I really care about fits onto half of my Rio wma player.
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You can buy unfinished wood racks (or make them, if you're really crafty!) for about $60 each, the biggest I have are 750 racks. I like those racks - though they work best for cds. I use old crates right now for VHS and Vinyl and stuff that isn't totally uniform in size. Not the best solution, but I kinda like they way they look. Also, don't know how much room you have, but you might want to think about rotating your stock. I know that sounds ridiculous, but my brother in law does that and it works out okay.
You can make a "media room" wall using the metal strips you attach to the wall and the movable/adjustable shelf supports that you hook onto it.

We attached the metal stips to the wall, then painted them to match the wall paint. The metal shelf supports go hooked onto this at whatever heights you want (the metal brackets and the shelf supports are at places like Home Depot for a couple bucks... you can do a whole wall for less than $20). For the shelves, you can get the ready-made shelves from Home Depot or you can make your own shelf boards - much cheaper. Most big home stores will cut boards for $.25 per cut and then you can stain then, varnish them plain wood colored, or paint them.

Here's some examples of this...
You can do a whole wall of these with only a power screwdriver, the brackets and shelf supports, and the wooden boards pre-cut by the hardware store (and something to "finish" the boards, like varnish or wall paint) for around $50!

Another great idea... if you can find cheap storage shelves that will fit your media, get several and put them side by side against a wall - it looks like a custom unit if you use several of the same thing!
Do you have an Ikea near you?*15641*15963

Dh is in the process of copying everything to a hard drive that we'll plug into our entertainment system then we'll permenately store/get rid of the hard copies. It's a long process as he's a media hound as well.
My dad made us a wooden rack to hold our VHS tapes years ago. We're trying to downsize, but cd's and DVD's would also fit on it. He used wooden dowel rods, 3 per shelf, with 2 wooden sheets on each end...hard to explain and I don't know if you're handy or know anyone that is...but they're pretty nice. (And they do take up some space, but I put our keyboard and stand in front of it so it's not too bad.)
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