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Virginia does cover LMs and homebirth via medicaid. However, all pregnant mamas MUST join an HMO at the 30 day mark and not all of the HMOs cover LMs and homebirth (crazy, huh?). I've spent so many hours on the phone with various plans and learned the following.

Anthem - great to work with, I had no problems getting my clients an in-network exception.

Medallion - mostly rural, openly covers LMs/homebirth.

Premier - stated they do cover LMs/homebirth and they were friendly.

None of the other plans will cover homebirth. Definitely something to be aware of as you shop around if you're using medicaid! IMHO it's crazy that the *state* openly covers it and some of the HMOs can say no. The Premier and Anthem workers were very positive and even stated that it saves a lot of money.. so maybe the others will follow suit?


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