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Medical and Dental Coverage

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I'm worried! While we're separated everyone is covered under H's plan but the second we are divorced only DS#2 will be covered! DS#1 and I will be left with no coverage and I can not afford the coverage at my work. For a family medical and dental package it would cost me almost $450/ month (since I'm part-time the hospital doesn't cover any of the plan expense...if I were full-time they would pay 1/2 the cost) and that just isn't doable.
What are other mama's doing?
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Try to get help with your state. I know the health dept has something you can get in my area (Michigan) that covers everything.
A friend of mine just got blue cross blue shield individual coverage, and it's $170 a month with a $500 annual deductible (for a single person). You might try something like that for yourself and maybe kidcare (state sponsored health care) for your child.

But I know that most of my single parenthood, even those numbers would have been too much.
I had medicaid for the first year after dd2 was born, and then nothing for almost two years, and just got medicaid again (now that I'm pregnant, I qualify again). It's difficult, though, to not feel like you have something to fall back on!!
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