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I'm irish/german and my husand is chinese. I've been having some problems with my doctors and I was wondering if anyone else ever does. First of all, they called us in because his newborn screening came up positive for galactosemia. It's fairly common amongst caucasians and especially irish (1 in 30,000) so the doctor thought it probably wasn't a false positive. Our baby has no symptoms so we were skeptical. i researched and found out the test has a really high false positive rate but beyond that, that it is extremely rare amongst Asians. It is only 1 in 1,000,000. The doctors were obviously unfamiliar with this. Beyond this, when we took him in to see these geneticist doctors they then decided his head was too small and he might have a choromosomal disorder. They flat out told me they don't know what his face should look like since he's biracial (I believe "Amerasian" was the term they used, what is that?) but that they thought his chin was too small etc. and they ordered a CT scan and blood tests.

I'm wondering now if this is going to be an issue throughout my babies' lives. I knew going into it the medical world was modeled on white males, but I didn't realize it would have such immediate results (my baby is only 2 weeks old). Has anyone else had such issues?

-Libby and baby Mies Joseph
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