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Medication while breast-feeeding???

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To start, I'm not breast-feeding, or even pregnant, but I will be at some point and need to plan this issue as I take a lot of medication that may or may not be OK with pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Some of my medications I'll need to take while BF, such as my asthma meds, because the benefits outweigh the costs. However, I'm wondering if other mamas who need occasional meds keep frozen expressed milk for such times. For example, I get crippling headaches from time to time which require something much stronger than Tylenol. Like Tylenol with Codeine
Without such meds, I'm a crumpled up rag lying in the bed (for days) and will be of no use to my children. I'm thinking that if I made sure to keep a supply of expressed milk (while not on meds) in the freezer, I could use this during the time I was on the meds and while it was leaving my system. (I'd research how many hours it takes to be absorbed and gotten rid of.)

Does anyone else do this? How does your baby take the bottle as opposed to the breast? Are there some nipples that are easier for normally-BF babies to drink from?

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When the time comes, what you do is come here, or to and ask for someone with Dr. Hale's book: Medications and Mothers' Milk to look up the medication in question for you.

FWIW, I was prescribed Tylenol with codiene for pain after DD was born. I didn't need to take any though.

Asthma meds, especially the inhaled ones, are safe. The dosage of the inhaled meds is so small compared to the dosage needed for oral meds that they're not a problem. Oral cortico-steroids, like Prednisone, can become an issue if needed for too long a time when baby is young. I asked Hale this years ago, well before that site crashed and reincarnated in the current Professionals Only format.
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