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Medicine administering question...GERD-related

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Hi Mamas - The doctor agreed to up Mimi's dosage of Prevacid to 15 mg per day.
: If there was a smiley that would convey sobbing with happiness, I would use that one! If it's possible, she seems ina much better mood already and the vomiting/spitup has been so much better today.

So, she is on the Prevacid solu-tabs. The little tablets that dissolve in the mouth or in a little bit of water. The problem (as should be fairly evident) is that my 5 month old isn't exactly a willing participant as far as taking it. I've been putting the current dose (half a tab) in a baby spoon of water and spooning it in, but a lot of it goes down her chin or into her neck fold. I asked if there was something I could maybe put in a little spoon full of carrots or mashed banana and the pharmacist didn't think that would work very well.

Anyone have any tips? this morning, the full dose went ALL into her neck fold. Which was cute, but not really helpful. At this point, I really wish it came in a liquid form.
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Are they like Hylands teething tablets? If so, I gave those to my ds when he was 5 months. now he just chews them up, but at that adge, I'd just try to get it up under his tongue so he couldnt spit it out before it dissolved.
I had another thought Could you dissolve it in an ounce of bm or formula and give it to her in a bottle or sippy cup? After she drank the medicated portion, then you could give her the rest of it.
I never thought about just putting it in her mouth, to be honest. Maybe I will try that tomorrow.

I don't think I can put it in a little formula - it's supposed to be given on a empty stomach, at least a half hour before feeding her. Which, I didn't realize, (thank you for the clear directions, pharmacy!) and basically gave her two weeks of meds with no result.
Also, the problem is those little dissolved balls of medicine (or whatever the actual term is) tends to regroup if there isn't enough liquid. That's why using a syringe of water hasn't worked - it gets stuck behind and groups up again.

I wonder if I used a regular spoon of water, if that would help. More water than in that little baby spoon (which is like...1/8th of a teaspoon, I swear) and maybe she would swallow it down.
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