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Medium VB AIO diaper pieces!!!

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So I had cut all this great stuff--

two MM200 pieces Rust outer layers,
2 Cheapie Yellow fleece outer layers from a blanket
3 Orange MM Microfleece inner layers
4 Orange and white patterned cotton flannel inner layers
2 Hemp/Cotton Terry inner layers
1 80/20 Cotton/poly vleour inner
1 Red Cotton Velour inner layer

All from the VB AIO pattern, All size medium. But now his mediums don't fit and dh is begging me to replace them (there's a serious butt-crack showing issue
)...All the cottons are prewashed and ready to sew.

Is anyone working on a medium stash? I would love to trade these for some PUL, but if you don't have any, that's cool too...PayPal shipping costs would be okay...I just don't want to waste this stuff, and cutting is the worst part imo...but now I have to cut again...

PM me if you're interested!


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If you don't find someone who wants them, I would make them up (great practice!) and then give them away FFS on the MDC giving board. Just a suggestion... I've given many a diaper away over there that was outgrown or "worn out" according to our standards but still much appreciated by someone else.
Thanks for the suggestion! I barely have time to shower some days
--ds is just shy of 6mo...I wish I could, lord knows I could use the practice...
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Well, if you don't find a taker to trade w/PUL (sorry, I don't have any either...) I'd be more than willing to take it off of your hands. I am currently sewing like a fiend for the Miracle Diapers Diaper Drive, and would be happy to add them to the stash I'm sending off to them next week (currently looks like I'll have between 32 and 40 dipes...thanks to people in our freecycle community)! Let me know.
Huh...a double post. Go figure... sorry!
Thanks for your replies, but I found someone interested in a trade.
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