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Meeting this morning - WWYD

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Yesterday DS had his 2 month vaccinations (no judgement please if you don't agree with that). He had a fever last night and early this morning. Took his temp at 5am, it was 100. Gave him Tylenol. We got up at 7, no temp. His disposition is fine. He seems normal.

I have a LLL meeting at 10am that I REALLY want to go to. I have about 1hr 45 minutes to decide.

Two things - the weather isn't great here - cold, light snow. I have to go less than one mile in the car to get there.

Is it too bad of weather to do this with DS under these circumstances? Driving seems fine, I'm worried about him.

Since he did have a fever but I'm positive it was b/c of the vax, is it ok to go to a group where there could be other babies? I know he's not sick-sick.

Please help me decide. TIA!!
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No judgment from me - I vaccinate, and your baby seems to be following the same pattern as mine did at his two month shots. Health-wise, I see no problem in taking him out. It's the weather conditions that would give me pause, but if you'd feel comfortable going if he hadn't had his shots, then you should go.
I don't think you should go. The fever might be down because of the tylenol. If it isn't the vax, and your baby picked something up in the ped's office, then it could be contagious (sp?).

I don't think ds ever ran a temp from his vaccinations, so I am not that familiar with the situation. But there is a lot of nasty stuff going around right now. How do you feel so certain it's the vax? Just curious.
I would still go. If the temp is from vaxes, and not a virus which might be contagious, I think it is fine. That would be the #1 reason not to go, if he were contagious. Since he isn't, HE would probably be just as comfortable at the meeting in your arms or a sling, as he would at home. Since, it is only a mile away, no long car ride, I think it is fine.
I'm certain it's just the vax b/c he was perfectly fine all day yesterday up until the vax. He slept for about 3 hours after that, then woke up screaming - his legs hurt and he had a bit of a temp. Now this morning, temp is back down (could be the tylenol, but it is down) and he is very much himself. I figure if he was really sick he'd be more clingy, he's in his bouncy chair as is our morning routine when I eat bkfst and shower. He's babbling, smiling, singing, etc. I'd say he's about 90% himself.

I could be wrong, but my gut tells me he's ok. I think if he picked something up at the ped's (which is very possible), he probably wouldn't even have shown signs yet. We left there at 5pm yesterday and it's only 9am now, I would think he wouldn't be symptomatic yet. The dr. said yesterday that he is perfectly healthy.
As long as he didn't get Rotateq (the rotavirus vax - it's oral, and live), then I'd assume it was a vax reaction and go to the meeting. I'd bring some tylenol or ibuprofen or something since it's quite possible the fever and soreness will return.

I don't think they give Rotateq at the 2 mos vaccinations, but I wouldn't know (our doctor doesn't recommend getting vaxed on schedule). If he did get the rotavirus vax, I think I'd stay home since that one is live and sheds.

dd 11 mos
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