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Megan's pedi likes her CDs

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He was really impressed w/ the Baby SoftWrap AIO. He asked where I bought them. I told him online. I don't know of any local stores that sell CDs besides Gerber prefolds.

He wanted to know what he should tell moms that ask him about CDing. I know it was a confusing maze when I first started.

Some of the moms have asked him about CDing probably had rash problems with sposies and/or want to save money.

Is there some info that the pedi can give that isn't selling anything... but that can help a new mom w/ CDing

Perhaps a or Mothering mag article...
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I don't have any info for you, but just wanted to say YAY about the pedi!
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Print out a list of URLs and take it to him, maybe he could photo copy them and hand them out to those that ask? Maybe a quick FAQ about cloth in general too?
Yeah, ask Heather if you can give him a copy of her Diaper Drama. Then maybe include a list of sites to check out for more information.
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