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mei tai or wrap?

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I'm trying to decide whether to get a mei tai or woven wrap. Both seem to involve a learning curve with tying and juggling baby into the carrying positions.
I'm not the greatest at sewing and would like something fairly quick here so I don't want to go DIY.
Also there seems to be a bunch of different kinds of each. What's your favorite wrap or mei tai i.e. brand/maker?
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I think the best newbie MT would be a Babyhawk IMO. Its easy to use, and you can get them fairly inexpensive used. And they have really cute designs.

My fav MT is a Bamberoo. It much more bulky than a BH but MUCH more supportive as well. I have heard great things about Kindercarrys too.

As for wraps, well i just cant get the hang of them. Im sure someone will chime in for ya!
I love wraps! woven wraps are the best ever!

But...if you want to sew it yourself...a MT is the only way to go. Just make sure your straps are at least 2" into the body, and sewn really securely
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With so young a child I would probably prefer a wrap or a pouch sling or such ... something a baby can snuggle down into a little more horizontally. My kids, at least, never liked MTs as very young babies, though maybe I just never quite got the hang of how to wear them supportively enough. For an older child I still love Kozy Carrier MTs above pretty much all else. (I just wish they had better fabric choices.)
I would go for the wrap and just jump right into a woven wrap. Yes, it's a learning curve, but it's one that is so gratifying and rewarding and honestly, with just a couple of practices you will be doing carries. The rest of the time is just getting good at it.
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I want one of each
:. I love the fabrics and patterns of the mei tai's but I love the ultimate versatility of the wrap. I have a baby trekker and a sling but my daughter is big and heavy already and both hurt my back. I like the look of the Ella Roo wraps and the baby hawk mei tai's.
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