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I was at a store the other day and noticed a couple with a baby. They had a HUGE stroller with the snugride and the father carried a big diaper bag. They also had a 5 year old, so they'd been through this baby thing before.

I use a stroller and am not against them. It just seems like so much to take into this crowded store. I took in one diaper and the baby in my mei tai and felt free! I could use my hands. I didn't have to walk insanely slowly through the crowd. With a stroller, it'd take forever to get anywhere because there were people all over the place. Plus, I got to be close to the baby!

As I left I noticed that the mother had the baby in a bjorn-type carrier. So it made me wonder why bother with that whole stroller deal?

So I felt grateful to have such a handy way to carry the babe, and I learned about it here!
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