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Melting point of Kissaluvs snaps

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I got my isntructions for homebirth including the suggestions for baking his first set of clothes in a paper bag in the oven at 250 degrees with a pan of water to prevent scorching.
Does that mean just his shirt, socks and hat? Or should I bake the Kissaluvs, too? If so does anybody know how likely teh plastic snaps are to melt at that temperature? I got a freebee disposable in the mail. Should I make that his first diaper instead of killing a Kissaluv?
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How about a prefold? If you don't currently have any you can get a sample including shipping for cheap at I have no idea about the snaps on the kl. I would be afraid of the snaps either melting or distorting from the heat.
Huh? I've had a homebirth but never heard of putting the clothes in the oven. Is it to sterilize or just to make them nice and toasty for when the baby is out?

We just put regular washed/dried clothes and a kissaluvs on our babies.

I would personally be scared of melting the snaps of the kl, so I second the prefold idea.
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Heehee. Not warm and toasty. I think it's to sterilize. Afterwards you just store the closed bag until needed so it could be days/weeks later and not toasty warm.
It's optional. I may go ahead and sterilize the towels etc but leave his clothes 'as is'.
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That seems a little silly to me... you won't be sterile and you'll be holding the baby and breathing all over him/her. I would think a hot wash and hot dry would be plenty, and then store them in a bag or something to keep dust off until then. Is there some reason the baby's first outfit should be sterile, but the rest of the outfits don't need to be?


But regardless, don't put a Kissaluvs in the oven!!!!
Hmmm....I used cloth at the hospital with #3 after a midwife assisted birth. I just washed the dipes like normal. Never had a problem.

I personally would not worry too much about it.
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sounds silly to me too, they dont tell you to sterilize the clothes you bring from home into the hospital. doesnt make sense to protect baby from your own germs in your own home...
we "baked" recieving blankets and towels at my homebirth, it was to get them warm for the baby, not to sterilize. I dont think 250 degrees will sterilize much!

With my birth, DD was naked in a recieving blanket until well after her herbal bath, so she was at least a few hours old. By then she had been introduced to DH and my family, the dog and the cat.... SO not sterile settings! (BTW, one of my midwife's favorite sayings is that birth is not sterile...)

If youd feel better having the diaper warmed, I second the previous idea of using a prefold instead of putting a kissaluvs in the oven. Dont use a disposable, they have much worse ickies on/in them than a laundered piece of cotton! Or, just have a pile of those cute kissaluvs clean and ready to put on your DC....and beware of meconium staining!
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