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I have two pairs of men's jeans; one is Carhartt, size 34x30. They are like new; I don't think my nephew ever wore them; I think they were too short for him (he's 6'2") color is medium/dark indigo; no fading. These look to be going for around $15 plus shipping on ebay right now but I thought I'd post them here first.<br>
The other pair is Lee and they are in very good condition; sixe 34x34; color is light indigo. They look to have been worn a bit but there's no fading at the knee. I think these are probably worth about $8 plus shipping.<br>
I'd like to charge exact shipping since they are a bit on the heavy side. I can weigh them and get a quote for you if you pm your zip.<br>
Pictures will be up when I get around to it; if you want pics, bug me with a pm and I will get around to it faster!
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