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These are all mostly in VGC or EC with tags.
I really want to get rid of them.
The shorts are mainly cargo shorts and name brands.
I do not have all pics of the jeans yet- but am working on it.
I can have these in the mail Saturday if you want- or Monday!
In time for Fathers Day!

Ralph Lauren 34/32
Ivy Crew 34/34
Ralph Lauren 32/32

Levis 34/32
Levis 34/30
Levis 595 Baggy Strait Fit 34/32

Silver Tab Cutoffs 34
Gap Greensih Khakis button fly 34- SOLD
Plugg Cargo khaki Shorts 36
Old Navy Khaki Cargo Shorts 34
American Eagle Khaki SHorts 34
Saddlebreed Khaki Shorts with slight pleating 36

These are all in VGC or EC
I will be adding more later also.
6$ppd Cheaper if you buy more!
We are moving and I really want to rid us of these!
THanks for looking! Pictures available upon request.

Some are located at
and click on mens shorts
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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