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Menses again, and again, and..

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I don't know where this should go so feel free to move it but I have some menses problems. To put it shortly I have had 3 periods in the last 30 days each varying in lenght and intensity. Anyone know what the heck this is? Before that I have skipped a few months without even having one. I am not on any BC so I know that's not messing me up. I am nursing my 7 month old but it didn't do anything this weird when I was nursing her sister, should I be concerned or just ride it out.
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Perhaps this baby has a different nursing pattern? Does she nurse irregularly now, skip feeds, nurse a lot one day, and not as much the next?

It is common to have irregular periods while nursing an older baby/toddler. Having 3 in one month would be kind of a pain, and a bit scary tho.

I am in peri-menopause and had close together heavy periods for a while. Not fun. We are both probably normal for how a woman's body is supposed to work.

Try this link for more info:

some of these books may be available at your local LLL mtg:'s%20Issues%20and%20Women's%20Health&cart_id=14985 42_15958
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DD has been going through a rather strange nursing pattern lately. Not much during the day than clustering at night. Plus I've strted doing yoga maybe that all has something to do with it. I am just nervous about my vaginal health. I would like everything in tip top shape before DH returns, you know.
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