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I have little girl who is 7 months old, she is breastfeeding almost exclusively...we have jkust started to introduce some solids. My menses have yet to return. But for about 4 days now I am having menstrual like cramps, pretty bad ones. And clear to yellow watery discharge. I know TMI.... but alot of it, like I keep thinking it is my period returning. But it is not...well not yet. My cervix seems very low. COuld this be the beginning of menses returning? Or ovulating again? I never had cramps with ovulating before. With my other two children I do not remember this happened. They also breastfeed unitl around 2 1/2 and no solids until at least 6 months. Both times AF returned at about 8 months. What could this be? I am pretty uncomfortable.

Has this happened to anyone while breastfeeding and AF returning? I never remembered it to be this uncomfortable. It seems to come and go...

Thanks for your help and advice....
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