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Merchant account vs. PayPal

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Has anyone used a Merchant Account and then switched to PayPal or vice versa? I have an existing MA but am switching my host and shopping cart. My new provider has a deal with PP and I wouldn't have to add puttons. However if I use my existing MA I have to add buttons manually
and with 200+ products I DON'T WANNA

BUT, I have heard that with PP a customer making a purchase w/o a PP account would have to sign up PP prior to making a purchase with my store.
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I would keep your MA because of the control that gives you.

Before I had a PayPal account I was very very annoyed at companies that only accepted PP. I never bought from them because I didn't want to bother setting up an account that I figured I'd only use once.

I finally set up a PP account but still don't use it very much.

Stick with the MA because then you can still allow people to pay via PP but you cover those that don't have a PP account.
I switched from paypal to MA pretty early on. My sales definitely went up. I had a handful of customers uncomfortable with paypal and thus lost sales. I also think you "appear" more professional accepting credit cards on your site vs routing customers to paypal.
Thanks gals....Nice to know I was thinking correctly
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How much did it cost you to set up your MA? Did you do it through your existing bank, or from an internet-based bank or company?

Any good MA companies you can recommend. I know I'm missing a ton of sales because I don't directly accept credit cards, but just didn't do the volume to justify I think the increased volume from being able to accept cc is worth it...

Any suggestions, especially for a reputable company would be helpful to me.
I went though my bank, Wells Fargo...What shopping cart do you use? A lot of times, they have done deals with merchants.
Right this minute I don't have a shopping cart installed--almost all of my items are one-of-a-kind hand crafted items and it is a lot of work to edit the shopping cart each time for one-time use. I had paypal on my items, but every time I set them up with the paypal shopping cart, I don't sell anything. I think it turns people off!! It could be coincidence, but my husband has a separate business and he tracks his stuff very carefully frequently people fill up the paypal cart and don't complete the transaction.

I do better when people just email me directly requesting items.

My husband is an internet "guru" and was going to write our own secure shopping cart program, but maybe I should look into using one that is connected with merchant services instead...

any suggestions there???
Mals-e offers a free cart. They have a relationship with Truscommerce that is a decent deal.
I just switched to the Mals-e cart and like it alot. I was paying alot for my previous cart, and it wasn't worth it.

I just use propay for cc's.......less fees than a traditional merchant account (no monthly service fees), and a good deal as long as you aren't selling more than 1K - 3K a month.

Good Luck!
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