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Mercola, CLO and vitamin D

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At the EFT conference in Chicago yesterday Dr. Mercola stated he was no longer recommending Cod Liver Oil. His website will change in the next few weeks to reflect this. He stated he is seeing cases of vitamin D toxicity in many patients and after careful research he is now suggesting Krill Oil as an alternative. It still has vitamin A, E and more easily absorbed omega 3's. Krill oil is apparently the most usable source of omega 3 fatty acids that he has found and also has a broad spectrum of antioxidants.
This is sending me into a tailspin-lots of research to do!
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I know designs for health was mentioned, but AFAIK that's not a brand that you can just order-you need to go through a health care provider. I'm hoping to get more info this afternoon...
Except A & D work synergistically... and most people ARE indeed D deficient.

I'll be interested how he supports this with research.

Wonder if Carlson's pulled his ability to sell it
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It sounds like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Use a combo of fish oil and CLO if you need to take so much that you would end up D (or A) toxic.
That does seem pretty drastic given how deficient in Vitamin D most of us are. Yes it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. I have learned alot from his website, but I do get tired of him trying to sell me things all the time (in the newsletters.) FWIW, I seem to recall seeing krill oil for sale through Swanson's Vitamins; no idea what brand.
wasn't he pushing a brand (Carlson's) that has synthetic vit D? He is probably upset about the controversy and he might have been seeing vit D probems in his patients from the synthetic version he was selling them. I don't buy that CLO is bad, just the synthetic vitamins. I definitely think his change of heart has to do with his wallet.
Yeah, that's where I'm coming from-especially considering it was Carlson's he was specifically talking about. I know he also recommends therapeutic doses, so I wonder about the motivation... I'm not quitting CLO at this point, and I had already decided to give up Carlson's. I believe as well that it's the synthetics that are the issue. WAP talks alot about A & D and warns aginst overdosing, but it looks like it would be difficult to do so from natural sources. At least in the info on the WAP site. Mercola has good info most of the time. I just worry about product pushing. There was alot more today. I'll post in a bit.
yeah, we use nordics naturals which I know is a lower dose of A and D, so I dont think I will be overdosing off of it.
I think he pulled his support for CLO because he realized he could corner the market on krill oil. You konw, I like a lot of what Mercola says, but at the end of the day, I think he's decended from a line of used car salesmen.
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