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Mess-phobic mama

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I was mostly lurking in this forum while pregnant, fully intending to ECfrom birth. Now that my son Dmitri is here (my first), I find that I'm scared to take him out of diapers, fearing the additional stress messes would cause.

During the after-birth high, my husband and I caught meconium on cloth, and since then I've caught a few poos and pees in the BBLP at changing time. I change really frequently to try to get sense of when he's going, usually over a dozen times a day.

Now that I'm really getting into the rhythm of motherhood and starting to relax, I'd really like to pursue EC more. Any suggestions for a mess-phobic mom with a seven-week-old?

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there's no reason you have to ditch diapers all together. if you are already using cloth, just have him in a diaper without a cover. it's easier to get off of him if you're in a hurry to get him on the potty. you will also be able to get a better sense of how often he goes since you'll be able to feel the wetness as he's going, and then you can cue him so that he starts associating the cue with peeing.
this is how i started with my DD when she was 3mo old. she caught on very quickly and now at 15mo we are able to have her diaper-free at home almost all the time.
Thanks so much! I'm going to try to get the courage up to go coverless today.
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