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Man, around here, bf is rare, at least in my normal circles. Not that some don't try and there are people who do it, but just not commonly. And right now I'm the only one I know personally in my area. But at church the other night (small country church, there for a kids event, I was alone in the sanc.) the church secertary stopped to talk to me. I don't know her well, but dh has to work with her often. She has older schoolaged kids that I don't know either. Anyway, she starts talking to me and I come to find that she also nursed till her kids were over one!!! Man I was shocked!! It was stunning to find someone in the (small) community that made it that long. Really it is a major accomplishment around here. I just suddenly felt such a comraderie with her that I didn't feel before. I really had a great talk with her and feel that I have made a friend. It's so nice to find others who feel it is important it bf. Just had to share!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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