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Met my new midwife...

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I had my first visit with my new midwife today. I really liked her, but I'm nervous about the cost. I have to look into what my insurance will cover, but if it's only 50% I'm thinking the cost will be prohibitive and we won't be able to have our birth center birth...I'll have to talk to dh.

Other than that concern, she said based on feeling around that I'm more like 8 weeks along (not 6, like I thought) and due around the 20th of November. She mentioned possibly doing an u/s to confirm my EDD, but didn't push for it. If she's willing to be flexible about the due date, I'm not concerned with pinning it down...but if she is going to get upset if I go "over" my due date then I want to know...kwim? I'm going to ask her about her "overdue" policy next time.
She also is bringing me back in two weeks for a nutrition visit, I told her I gained 55lbs last time and had followed the Bradley diet pretty strictly. She said she thinks it was probably too high in fats and protein for me? She didn't seem crazed about the weight issue, just interested. I told her I have a family history of big weight gain and big babies but I'd try whatever she wanted me to.
She also said I had a terrible yeast infection around my cervix, which bled quite a bit when she touched it. That worried her, but she chalked it up to the infection. She ordered hormone levels anyway, just to make sure I'm okay. I'm not worrying about it, I figure there's no point.
So, we'll see...after all this I hope I don't end up back with an OB in a hospital. Stupid money.
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Its amazing how midwives and their services/practices can vary. You are planning a midwife in a birthing center, yes? That isn't even an option in my area, nor are midwives allowed to deliver at the hospital. Its either home birth or hospital birth here. No in betweens. Also, my insurance won't cover anything outside of a doctor/hospital.

May I ask how much your MW fee's are? I assume they'll be much higher than ours because it includes the use of the birthing center. Our MW fees are $1800 for all prenatal care, L&D, & post partum care of mom and baby (up to 6 weeks after). Granted, this is for a HOME birth, not in a birthing center. MW hasn't asked to do an internal exam so far and I don't think she does until the very end. Is that standard with your MW, or from the infection?

I hope all works out so that you can have your birth the way you want it!
It is amazing how expensive births can be in this country. Depending how you do financially, you could consider trying to save the money. Is homebirth an option for you, from what I read it is usually cheaper, if you have to pay by yourself (or a large portion of it).
So she did the internal exam because I hadn't had a pap in a couple years...but I think it's standard for her. She's pretty conservative. Home birth is an option, but I don't think it changes the cost all that much (I only saw one price sheet). The total cost is $6000 for everything (but that doesn't include "extras" like u/s if it's needed for some reason). Midwives can't attend a hospital birth in CA either and anyway dh isn't keen on home birth. We had dd in a we're hoping for a birth steps.
Medical costs can pretty quickly up add up. Have you asked on your tribal board, about reviews and maybe further suggestions regarding midwifes and birthings centers in your area?


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anyway dh isn't keen on home birth. We had dd in a we're hoping for a birth steps.
That's why I will have a hospital birth with a very natural midwife - there are no birthing centers around here.
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So...after a lot of thinking I've decided not to go with the midwife I met with this week. She was very nice, but I want to trust my instincts this time around and something is telling me this isn't the way for us to go. I don't know if it was that she was so conservative (like doing the internal exam, I wasn't having any s/s of an infection, not that I'm unhappy she found it, just that's it weird that she even did the exam) or what...but last time I ignored my gut and regretted it.
I found out that at the UCLA medical center midwives can attend the actual birth so I'm looking in to that tomorrow.
Good suggestion on checking my tribe, I never actually "found" my regional tribe, I'll have to go hunting.
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