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I have been TTC for about 3 years now and NOTHING has helped...My doctor just put me on Metformin to help regulate my periods since I NEVER have them. She started me on 2 times a day at 500 MG...Have any of you used this? I want to seek all the advice on this that I can. I am so down and depressed I need some encouragement
Have any of you got pregnant from this?
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Do you have PCOS? Metformin is often used to help treat PCOS because it reduces insulin resistance.
I questioned that over a year ago and after all the test and ultrasounds they said everything seemed normal but they did notice a couple of follicles but they said its nothing to worry about. Well its been like 3 months since i have had a period and I know that i'm not prego. taken tests and nothing. For the last couple weeks i have been EXTREMELY tired..and when i say tired i mean draggin a$$ all day, can barely keep my eyes open and everytime i get up to walk around it feels like i'm going to blackout and i get really dizzy. So i went to the doctor yesterday and she FINALLY agreed that i could more than likely have PCOS (since you can't test for it). She said to try the Metformin for a couple months to see what happens. So far i felt SO sick this morning but after eating i felt better just SO tired...I am sick of being tossed around and shoving pills down my throat that do nothing for me..I can't do anything but cry when I think about all of this..I am 22 years old. I shouldn't be having all these problems
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Hi there, sounds like you need a [[[hug]]]. Your story sounds somewhat similar to mine. I got pregnant with my first DS easily after I lost about 20 lbs planning for my wedding all the stress and stuff. So DH and I thought it would be easy to conceive our second, but after two years of trying and charting we were unsuccessful. I went to a gyno and she took bloodtests and I wasn't ovulating apparently. I was stuck on clomid for six months and no pregnancy from that either. I became very depressed at that point and ended up going on antideppresants which helped me cope dramatically, I was constantly crying and extremely tired all the time, so bad I couldn't get off the couch. I decided to see another local doctor who is a satelite office for a fertility clinic and she got down to business and did a major bloodsugar test like 3 hours and found out I was insulin resistant, then proceeded to do a ultrasound and found I had the classic PCOS ovaries. I had to go see a endocrinologist sp? (diabetes doctor) who specialized in PCOS. It took 3 months to get into see the diabetes doctor. Inbetween that time I lost 15 lbs. The Endocrinologist was very upbeat and said in the 15 years she had practiced not one woman with PCOS had come through her office that didn't end up getting pregnant. I was encouraged to say the least. I started taking Metformin 1000mg a day and took soy isoflavones 80ml days 2-6 which is a natural over the counter clomid, boom pregnant first cycle. He is 2 1/2 and sassy as ever. Metformin can work, I hope this gives you some encouragement. Don't give up!!!
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I had very irregular cycles and couldn't get pregnant. I finally went to see an endo and was put on metformin and synthroid. Best thing ever. It didn't happen immediately (I hade some issues with compliance and something that interferred with synthroid absorption.) but I eventually had ovulatory cycles. We probably could have gotten pregnant but my DH has some issues too so we needed an IUI to conceive. Good luck.

I hated met at first because I didn't want to think of myself as anything close to diebetic. My body just runs so much better on it. It is also a cheap and well tested drug.
Yep, you will find good results with metformin regulating your hormones. Basically what it does is balance out your hormones so that you will be at a better place to conceive. I realize that just simplified it but basically thats what it does. Do some research on PCOS and metformin. I don't know who said you can't test for PCOS, but they were wrong. You can test for it with lab work and ultrasounds. Typical PCOS will have a "string of pearls" on your ovaries. Classic PCOS will have excessive hair growth, obesity, infertility, acne, etc. But you will also find women who are thin and have PCOS.

If you have been sick with it, ask for the XR - extended release. Start with taking 2 at night. Then if you have to increase, increase it at night with the XR. You will have less side effects with the XR. Also, watch your diet. Always balance out your carbs and proteins and DON'T DO FRIED! There are some really good websites that you can look at.

I hope this information helps.
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