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Micah Sage is finally here

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He's finally here!!!

Micah Sage born June 12
8:13 am
10 pounds 8 ounces
22 inches

Born at home peacfully in water

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Wonderful news darkstar! I was following you May mamas when you went into June. I'm glad he is here - congratulations!
:micah sage!!

love his name, darkstar - congrats!!!
*i couldn't view your pics (?!)
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Congratulations!!! I couldn't view your pics either.
But he has a lovely name.
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congratulations to you and your big boy! sounds wonderful- ten pounds into the water and up comes baby micah! hope that you are having a wonderful first week. mcs
are the pics labelled "nealy's diapers"? Those are the only ones I see when I log in.
Darkstar has also posted a birth announcement in her May due date club and that picture link works great, so head on over there and check them out! She's probably too busy in babyland to fix this one any time soon

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Welcome to the world Micah!

Enjoy that babymoon!
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Congratulations!! Glad he finally decided to come out & greet the world
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check out my pictures added

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*sigh* What a sweet, sweet picture! My heart is melting!
Congrats to a May mama who went into June from a June mama who went in May. :LOL He is precious.
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