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Microfiber towels = or > Clorox ?

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I read on some WAHM site, don't remember which one, that cleaning with a microfiber terry cloth removes more germs than cleaning with clorox. Can anyone tell me if this is true? Point me to studies? If this is true, I need to pass this on to my child's Kindergarten teacher. She is asking for volunteers and more things of Clorox Cleanups (the pop up things) to disinfect the room after school each day to help prevent the spread of colds and bacterial infections that get passed around. She said that last year she did this and her class had far fewer absences from illness than other classes. If water and microfiber towels would be equally as effective, I want to send a couple to school for her along with the studies that show this.
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Hoping that someone has info...
Thanks for that article! Good thing I don't clean very often, since I do use chemicals when I do clean. Seems I need to rethink what I keep in the cabinets, though.
Try visiting They've done the tests.

Granted, they're trying to sell their own product, but the tests look pretty thorough. Well, convinced me, anyway. I've been enjoying their cloths--they really work!
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