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Microfibre question

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I recently bought some microfibre doublers and have been laying them in our nappies. They feel so soft and luxurious! And even when they are soaked right through, Josh's skin still feels dry.

But I just read that you should never place microfibre right against baby's bum as it is too effective and can dry their skin out.

Is this true? Any thoughts on this? His bum doesn't feel too dry, it just feels like, well .... a baby's bum.

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I wouldn't put them directly on him. They definitely can irritate his skin. You could wrap them in a flat diaper and then put them in his diaper though. Or put it between the diaper and the cover.
I have heard this too... where did you get them? I felt some the other day that were SOOOO soft! It seems like if they were irritating him you would know it, he would get rashy, no?
Yeah, don't put the microfiber right next to the skin. I usually wrap mine with a prefold.

Originally Posted by Sheena
I have heard this too... where did you get them?
I bought them from an Australian company Their nappy system is a cover that you lay something absorbent, like a terry towel or one of their flushable pads, in and it goes directly against baby's bum.

It actually says on their site to do this with the microfibre, but I see now that thatmay not be a good idea.

Maybe I should email them. :stratching head
Micro-fiber is so absorbant, it will suck the moisture right out of the baby's skin and can cause potential harm to their genitals. I would personally not risk it~
I also agree that microfiber can be irritating to skin. I would avoid it.
You may not notice it now, but it could dry and irritate them over time. I wrap mine in a prefold also.
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