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Microfleece vs. suededcloth???

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What's the difference? What do you prefer for the inner to wick moisture away? Are there any non-synthetic materials available?
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I LOVE SC. Its so easy to care for. Neve rhas issues like fleece does. OV I think is the closet thing to natural wick away fabric. Its not as good as SC or fleece but does leave babys bum feeling drier than lets say cotton or hemp.
Both are synthetic and will provide a dry feeling for baby. IME, fleece is thicker and gets pilly, suede is thinner and stays new-looking longer. Unfortunately Z seems to get a rash more easily with suede than fleece.
Honestly, I prefer the fleece. Yes, the suedecloth doesn't pill like fleece does. And yeah, I think the suedecloth keeps baby a bit drier. But I just don't like the way it feels. I think fleece feels softer, and less "syntheticy," and for me the feel of it is more important than all the other positive aspects of suedecloth. Fleece, for me.
I don't think I prefer one to the other. I like how soft fleece is but it does pill after a while where SC stays looking brand new. I think they both work about the same.
I prefer the SC. It doesn't pill and in the summer, when I was first trying out different materials in diaper construction, the MF felt a lot hotter to me when I changed a damp dipe. Plus, the SC is a lot easier to get if you live near Joann's fabric, and that's a plus! And it doesn't stain from diaper creams (I've heard MF stains worse).
thanks mamas! I already have some dipes with microfleece, so I might try the suedecloth to compare...
i like both, the only thing that suedecloth does better is prevent staining. i have never had suedecloth stain, but i do have some microfleece that stained. i LOVE the buttery soft feeling of microfleece though.
I prefer microfleece b/c it's so much softer. SC is ok, just not as soft. I haven't found that it's that much different stain-wise. I have only one dipe w/ a stain, and it's SC.

I love sc! It s so soft, doesn't get pilly, and poop rolls off nicely! Plus my oldest breaks out from fleece but not sc!
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