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microwave free mamas- HELP!!

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we have just moved a bookshelf into my kitchen for my cookbooks

the problem is we moved the table holding the microwave to make room. i told DH that we could probably do without it. i rarely use it anyway. so it is plugged in, in the laundry room, in a very unconvenient spot.
any helpful tips?
the hardest thing will just be remembering to do some things ahead of time, like heating DH food in the oven in the evening and doing frozen veggies . i will miss it most for heating up syrup- a must for us.
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We have never had a microwave, and find that we can heat up most things (that others would otherwise heat in a microwave) in a vegetable steamer/rice cooker or toaster oven. It takes a little bit longer (but not much!) and we do not miss not having a microwave at all.

Val (mom to one toddler)
We have been microwave free for 5 years. The best thing to do is get rid of it and you will forget all about it. You will not be tempted at all then :LOL .

I agree with Bumblebena that you can heat up syrop in a pot of boiling water.

Realy, you won't miss it at all. A little meal planning the day before can do so much for dinner prep.
I steam my veggie from frozen in a pot with a steamer insert. Very good and just as fast.
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I think it's all what you're used to. I never use a microwave for anything.
We got rid of our microwave a few years ago. Somehow, we ended up with another one, which had been in college and MIL gave it back. Well, it's in the basement. DH has gone down there twice and heated some coffee in it. It needs to be sold or given away, for sure.

I have never felt particularly comfortable with the workings of a microwave and fear it damages our foods' nutritional content more than we know. I steam all veggies and also heat syrup in a pot of boiling water. (Always put the syrup in a glass container if it isn't already. Heating and reheating plastic releases extraordinarily toxic chemicals linked to male urogenital problems and female mammary problems.)
thanks for all the responses. i am glad to know it can be done. i don't think i will miss it. who knows what it does to our DS likes to stand in front and watch it so i am glad thats over. i was always moving him away.
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