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Mid Tn AP meeting update

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hi there~

Next meeting: Tues Feb 17th 6pm at St. Ann's Church on Woodland St. Moms, Dads, & kids welcome.

New Attachment Parenting meeting starting up!
It will be the 3rd Tuesday of each month, October 21st, at 6pm.
Theyare keeping the location central as there are families from places like Hendersonville & Murfreesboro coming! I feel lucky bcz I live in East Nashville! Last month there were over 20 people & seems like as many kids & babes. The meeting is just starting up so come on out

See you there, Maria
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This meeting sounds interesting! What sort of things do you do in them? I'm fairly new to the area (moved back in Feb. after 10 years in AZ) and don't know too many people here yet, so it sounds like it might be fun!
Also - I live in E. Nashville too! Inglewood actually.
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Thanks for the info.
I saw an earlier post referencing the meeting, but didn't have the place/ I know!

With any luck, my DD and I should be able to attend. DH may exercise his right to avoid such gatherings.
We aren't too far away either. Just the other side of 100 Oaks mall.
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hi Doni & Mia~
the meeting is similar to a LLL meeting, just sitting around talking. This one is just starting so it hasn't got any really established process yet. I know there will be nametags this time! Last month it was just kind of a free-for-all. I am looking forward to just getting to know people with similar parenting styles IRL.

also: has lots of info about the philosophy, etc.
One more question - I mentioned the meeting to DH, and he seemed interested, but he was wondering how many other men end up going? He's kind of shy in that he would feel really akward if he was the only guy there!
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No, I don't think he'll be the only Dad there. Last time there was 5 DH's for sure & maybe another 1 or 2 I didn't count. I know my DH wants to go regularly & he's normally pretty "anti-social"
I know 1 who was there but won't be able to make most due to work schedules. That it is open to both is one of the best things I think. I really like my LLL, but this way we can both participate.
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Originally posted by MiaPia
One more question - I mentioned the meeting to DH, and he seemed interested, but he was wondering how many other men end up going? He's kind of shy in that he would feel really akward if he was the only guy there!
I'm going to try to get my DH to go with me because I'm a total introvert and hate going to new things my myself. So hopefully yours won't be the only one.
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Oh, WOW, a local AP group.

I am going to try to make it. I would love to meet some more AP mamas
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Oh this is great! I would love to see something like this in Murfreesboro. I don't get to nashville too often! :LOL
hi Shelly, thanks for putting this back to the top! Yes, they have big plans to branch out to all corners of mid-TN as soon as this one gets going. WHich I think is kind of funny bcz altho AP is based in Nashville, there has always been a struggle to keep a group going here. SO we will see how fast that develops.

ANyway, meeting is tonite: TUesday 6pm. LEt's have lots of MDC mamas there!
C'ya there! Maria
We're not going to be able to make it. We've all been under the weather, and no one is really up for going out tonight - it's one of those put-on-your-jammies-early-and-eat-dinner-on-the-couch types of nights for us. Plus, I had it marked on the calendar for *next* Tuesday, and didn't realize my mistake till today. *sigh*
I do hope we'll be able to go to the next one - especially since we live fairly close to St Ann's. I'd love to meet some MDC mamas.
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I just realized that I forgot all about this.
But I wasn't feeling very well anyway. I guess something is going around. Keep us updated so we can try to go next time.
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Hey Mamas!! Keep me posted although I live in Cookeville I usually end up shopping at Wild Oats in Hillsboro. Perhaps I could combine both outtings! Keep me posted please. I know a couple of families that would be interested as well. Until then....blessings.
the next Nashville AP meeting is planned for Nov 18th (the 3rd Tues of each month) @ 6pm, same place St Anns. I will try to post again if I hear of any changes!
bumping for Feb meeting, Tues Feb 17th 6pm @ St Ann's Episcopal church in Nasville. Join [email protected] for more info
[email protected]
I would love to come too, however, evening outings just aren't doable. Hubby gets home around 6pm and wants to spend the evening with dd because he hasn't seen her all day, and she usually goes to bed a few hours after he gets home.

Daytime meetings would be awesome though!
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