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I got an email from them! I am sooo excited!

They are going to be having a grand opening week! With a different special each day at noon!

Here is what it said!

Are your Tuesdays feeling glum and unexciting? Missing that Tuesday at Midday shopping experience you were so used to at Tuesday Bear? Don't fret ~ we're back! That's right, many of the original Artisans are returning! Different site, but SAME time, SAME day ~ Noon (CST) on Tuesdays --

We're gearing up for a week-long GRAND OPENING and will be announcing the date of this opening very soon! To really make it a celebration, we'll be featuring a different assortment of special listings each day at Noon for the remainder of that week! After that we'll be back to the format you know and love, stocking every Tuesday at noon.

Come and see products from your favorite Artisans:
Patchwork Pixie
Kool Sheep Soakers
Finicky Llama
Dewdrop Diapers
Moss Feet Shoes
Mudpie Babies
Dolls By Nature
Bajo Boutique
My Child's Garden
Bizzy B Hive
Mother & Child Creations
Owen & Ollie Quilts
The Soap Deck
Whimsical Earth
Brian's Woodshop
Grow Me A Rainbow
Honey Beeds

Thank you for your support during our transition, we're very excited get up and running again!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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