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Middle name help

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Well, since my first post about names about 2 months ago, we've changed this baby's name 3 times! I think we've finally settled on "Claire", and I was wondering what you mamas think of that name. I'm torn between thinking it's a beautiful classic and thinking it's short and boring.
Our last name is only 1 syllable so that is weighing on my mind also. Anyway, I need some help on a middle name. I think it should be 3-4 syllables to balance out the short names. Claire Elizabeth flows really nicely and does have a good ring to it, but I feel like Elizabeth is such a common middle name and I would love to come up with something a little more original.
I like to use family names whenever possible but the only ones to choose from are: Hazel, Henrietta, Margaret and Josephine and I don't particularly think any sound that great.
Some that we've talked about:
Claire Gabriella/Gabrielle
Claire Olivia
Claire Elizabeth

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated!!! Thank you!!

p.s. the only other name that's on the table right now is Julia and I was also wondering how you all feel between that and Claire. Thanks so much for your help!
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I think Claire is a great name. Classy and feminine.

Claire Josephine sounds good to me. Also, I find Josephine a little more spunky than Elizabeth.
I like Claire Olivia.
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Claire was our baby name if this one was a girl (it's a boy tho)

we were going with Claire Elise or Claire Grace because we do family names for middles. I say just pick something you love, it's very rare that you would say your child's entire name. We liked Claire Olivia too, but our last name starts with a 'G' so her initials would have been COG. Not sure what your last begins with, but that is something to consider.
Claire is a very nice name, and I don't think it sounds to short or boring at all. Very nice choice!!

I do like Claire Olivia as well!! I'm not a big fan of Elizabeth but it's for other reasons.
I like Claire
I LOVE Clara but I really like Claire, too.

I think with Claire, Josephine "sounds" the best. Are you a LITTLE WOMEN fan? Josephine March is an amazing woman and has so many admirable traits; your daughter will be proud of Josephine.
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Claire/Clair is hugely popular right now.

What about Josephine Claire?
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My middle name is Clare, so I am partial to it

I personally like Claire (or Clare!!) Josephine out of all of those. Claire Josephine _____ (whatever your one syllable last name is) has a nice ring to it!
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Another vote here for Josephine Claire
beautiful name...nice flow and good nickname potential.
I also know a handful of little Claires and Claras but Josephine not so much.
My 2nd choice would be Margaret.
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