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We are considering TTC. At present, I have medical ins, but no maternity ins (so ins if there are complications....but not for an uncomplicated vag birth-which I certainly am hoping for!). My last birth as a hospital birth (with mat ins)--completely uncomplicated, but costing upwards of $10k. For my (theoretical) next baby, I was hoping for a homebirth.

So I called our local midwife center to find out my options. Seems like there is only one group of mw in town. Yes, they do offer homebirth services. Yes, they also have a birth center. And the cost is: $5000 (for prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care), whether you use the center or not.

I thought that was strange....seems like women who homebirth are being charged a facility fee regardless. Is this the standard billing procedure? And, does this fee seem reasonable? We will pay what we have to, of course. But I'd like to know if I am missing an equally safe, but more affordable option.
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