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Midwife Help in Western Pa

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I am pregnant (still frist trimester), and having touble finding a midwife! Because we have to pay out of pocket and I would feel more comfortable I want to have a homebirth. I am about 1 hour east of Pitsburgh. Does anyone now of someone?

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my midwife here near central pa mentioned knowing someone over there, I will pm you her e-mail
hmmm no pm box? if you pm'ed me your e-mail I could e-mail you her e-mail?? LOL
try Leona Cunningham...a cnm, but I'm fairly certain that she does homebirth. I'm from the area originally, but do not live there now. I know of others who have worked with her. I don't know a number or anything, but she is probably listed at the ACNM website. I think she is in the Indiana/Cambria County area. Hope this helps a little...I know it's tough to find resources over there! Good luck!
Ok finding a few more local mama's I did come arross some names and numbers of local midwifes doing home births.

Ellen Gaefke 724-229-7218
Ellen Benek 724-376-2473

Hope that helps someone else in the future! Ellen B. is more to the north ansd Ellen G is off Rt 70 and closer to which is good because i clicked better with her.

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